Servamp : Angel or Demon

Episode 6

Tenshi ka Akuma (天使か悪魔)

The anime continues to drive through character and now organisation introductions as fast as possible. With even more Servamps to be introduced too I’m not holding my breath for a breather. Expecting much more crazy.

I really enjoyed the episode. I think because I have a problem with Mahiru it could sound like I have a problem in general when I don’t because I love the series to pieces, its actually one of my favourites.

The episode did start with them taking a breather, at Tetsu’s spa. It was nice to see them a little more relaxed even if they are really there to formulate a plan to stop Tsubaki.

To be honest the whole series feels like its getting us ready for something bigger, even Mahiru seems to realise that there is something bigger going on that he’s sure he’ll be able to find out if he talks to the antique dealer again.

Before that we need to be introduced to yet another Eve and their Servamp.

This Eve is deadly cool, his name is Licht Jekylland Todoroki and Mahiru is the first to meet him. Licht believes he’s a angel and his Servamp, Lawless  the Servamp of Greed, a Demon. There is literally nothing I love more then these two, their squabbling is highly entertaining, the fact that Licht’s weapon is a piano just made him even cooler. Honestly my favourite pairing.

Mahiru is warned about Greed though as he tends to kill his Eve’s when he grows tired of them.

Why anyone would grow tired of Licht I don’t know. He’s a famous pianist. Everything about him just make me want to know more about him and Lawless. Even Lawless’s Subclass and Licht’s manager are interesting. The manager seems to know how to stop the two of them bickering and seems unphased that Lawless is a vampire. The Subclass called Gill is their mascot and wears a whale suit. They are just the most interesting group we’ve met so far.

It also turns out that not only is Licht uninterested in helping but Lawless doesn’t get on with Kuro either. Seems that once upon a time the Seven Servamps had to decide amongst themselves whether to kill someone or not. Whilst Lawless voted no, along with Gluttony and Wraith, the others voted yes. It came down to a tie and Kuro was the one to make the decision, the hostility makes you feel he agreed to kill that person.

The strange thing is the way they are now it goes completely against the grain. Lawless kills people when he’s bored with them, he won’t stop harassing Kur until they end up in a fight that Licht has to stop, mainly because Mahiru is still too weak to stop it himself, because he won’t let up.

Earlier in the episode Mahiru asked Kuro about his Subclass’s and Kuro told him he didn’t have one because you have to make them out of dying humans and how did he know whether or not they wanted to live still? Its a good point, a point that you think shows that Kuro has a strong moral compass even if he hides it behind being too tired to deal with “troublesome” things.

Neither Licht or Lawless seem to think much of Mahiru right now and I don’t blame them. Its become obvious that everything about him that annoys me is on purpose now. His story is one of indecision. He wants to save people so when he has to use force to do so he doesn’t like it and something inside him stops him from doing so. Whilst he talks a big game he doesn’t realise that talking isn’t always going to work, some people aren’t going to listen. Sometimes you need to do more then just talk a good game.

Honestly loved the episode, you might have noticed because of how much I loved Licht and Lawless. I said when we met Doubt Doubt that I was a little disappointed with such a cool character not being particularly cool.Lawless is a character I thought was going to be slightly annoying but turned out to be awesome. Whilst Licht is a musician he seems to be more a actor and I love the dynamic between them. Whilst Lily and Misono are sweet, Tetsu and Hugh are pretty cool, Doubt Doubt and Mikuin are a bit strange and Kuro and Mahiru are clouded with doubt of each other, Licht and Lawless just don’t give a toss. Both have such strong characters that they can fight between themselves but still be super strong.

Can’t wait to see more of them.

Oh and they now have a hostage of sorts, not all of the Subclass’s were killed by Lawless, there was still one. That one might be enough. Tsubaki doesn’t know this though, all he knows is that Lawless killed them all so he goes to take his pain out on Lawless….


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