Servamp : Tsubaki

Episode 2

Tsubaki (椿)

Well I had enjoyed episode 1 and always meant to catch up so here is my attempt to catch up!

We learnt a lot about what is going on.

First up we find out that Mahiru’s friends don’t actually remember anything of what happened the day before and even forgot that Mahiru was with them. As far as they know the one attacked was in a accident with a car but that is it.

Mahiru hasn’t got time to figure all this out unfortunately as he and Kuro, with Belkia in his bag, are attacked by the Servamp that Belkia  works for.


He gives us a lot of lore on the Servamps whilst stating his purpose plainly. Its nice when that happens really.

There are seven Servamps and Tsubaki. The seven represent the seven deadly sins (therefore no surprise that Kuro is Sloth) and Tsubaki is the eighth that no one knows about, which makes him angry, the Servamp of Melancholy.

The whole scene with him explaining everything away could have very easily been boring but it wasn’t. The animation on it was beautiful, the extreme changes as Tsubaki went through different emotions as well as being lost in their own little world was all extremely well done. Mahiru and Kuro never really seemed to realise how much danger they were in, keeping the comedy alive in their own little bubble, until things got real scary.

I still have to laugh at Mahiru. One of the things I loved about him yet it made me shake my head was how he hated troublesome things though seemed to want to be in the middle of all things troublesome. He continues to be that way, even going as far as announcing to the world he’d name Tsubaki and make him his own Servamp.

He’s saved that mistake though by ANOTHER Servamp.

More lore is passed onto us and Mahiru by another young gentleman who possess the Servamp of Lust. “All Love” or as he is now known Snow Lily. Whilst we learn that the Masters of a Servamp are called a Eve, they get a throne and even a weapon at first it isn’t Misono’s idea to help them but to make them work as his servants. He isn’t half as good as he thinks though and Snow Lily didn’t really want to fight, in the end Mahiru and Kuro run away, get lost and then realise that Misono wants the same thing as them. To save people.

We then learn about Subclasses, Vampires under the Servamp’s command, like Balkia and that Tsubaki is trying to kill them all. All of Lily’s seem to be children so he really wants to protect them.

Really enjoyed the episode, anyone that reads my reviews long enough know that I love to know the lore of the shows I’m watching and its nice to have it all explained right from the get go. Everything about it intrigues me, it did when I originally watched the first episode so I’m slightly sad that I didn’t carry on until now.

I really want to meet all the Servamps as so far they have been real cool. Will always love sweet little Kuro but Lily and Tsubaki are both awesome. Whilst Kuro is the absolute image of sloth, Lily is a sweet heart and Tsubaki is just horrible. I can’t wait to see more of their siblings.

Mahiru is a strange lead character. He’s very sure of himself, he’s got the sad person background and the determination to do good but it all comes together to make…. Some really strange character. I’m not saying I don’t like him but I’m not saying I do either. I can’t get a read on him. He doesn’t feel to be a character yet the small moments he shows character he’s pretty awesome. If he went a long period without Kuro I think I’d get bored of him and to be honest I watched this the week it came out and didn’t catch up until now and if I’m perfectly honest I remembered just about everyone else in the show other then him.

Hopefully it’ll pick up with him though.

All in all it was a great episode.

It ended with Mahiru agreeing to help Misono, not as a servant but as a friend and then his friend Sakuya being attacked.

Not good.

Not good at all.



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