Servamp : Sakuya

Episode 4

Sakuya (桜哉)

Left on a cliffhanger, how will the battle between Mahiru and best friend Sakuya end?

Suddenly with the appearance of another Servamp and the disaster of what happens when a Servamp feeds on a uncertain Eve.

Mahiru still doesn’t actually know what he’s doing and his uncertainty is effecting Kuro so Kuro drinks his blood and as Mahiru is uncertain everything was going to be swallowed by his uncertainty until Doubt Doubt (called Jeje) the Servamp of Envy shows up with his Eve Mikuni.

I was really looking forward to meeting Doubt Doubt but I’m not sure anymore. I mean he’s cool to look at but nothing more then a grumpy gun slinger, I was hoping he’d be cooler then that. His Eve, Mikuni, was slightly crazy. He talks to a doll named Abel. A strange pairing but I guess its unfair to judge them till we’ve seen more of them, they really were a run on part to save the day and for Abel to talk to Mahiru and try to make him more certain of himself.

Kinda like the fact that even though Tsubaki is a bad guy Mahiru has no problems seeing him in a sushi bar and just going in and sitting next to him. He’s a strange boy but I like the fact he’s just completely accepted everything and is so single minded too.

That single mindedness gets him to the bottom of Sakuya’s story and problems. It also keeps unwrapping the layers surrounding Misono.

This episode was about Sakuya though, Misono is in hospital, he’s OK but other then a funny moment with Lily he doesn’t do much. Sakuya on the other hand has the most tragic of backstories. Tsubaki is just too happy to share the “boring” story with Mahiru and it explains a hell of a lot.

Seem’s Sakuya’s parents were ass holes, the ghostly voice in the last episode of the green haired girl was his older sister who lied to him the first time he was lied too. Telling him that their father would be home and everything would be OK she then proceeded to jump off the balcony of their flat for the insurance money. 6 years later and obviously the money had run out and it was time for Sakuya to do the same.

What Tsubaki didn’t tell us, which we learnt later on from Sakuya himself after he shows up to the school festival (he’s wiped memory of him from the others but left his name behind, so they remember his personality and his name but not his face) and Mahiru chases after him, was that Tsubaki was there for him when his sister died, made him feel better about lying and promised to come pick him up when it was all over.

Which he did.

He saved Sakuya in the same way that Mahiru’s uncle saved him.

Personally I can believe Mahiru’s uncertainty over what to do and see why he doesn’t have such strong resolve when it comes to facing his friend, even if Sakuya has only known him for a year and made up the rest of their life together. The reason I believe it is the story felt wishy-washy. One moment Mahiru is banging on about wanting to be friends, the next he’s attacking Sakuya, the next he realises what he’s up against, the next he wants to be bestest friends with someone he knows is his enemy. Its all a little over the top and never really, personally, stuck to one direction. Whereas someone like Naegi in Danganronpa never waivers from his path of Hope and Peace, Mahiru waivers for no reason.

Still prefer all the other characters.

You all know I have “daddy figure” issues in anime. I manage to fall in love with all those kind of characters (Shanks, Guildarts, Daryun…) and Mahiru’s uncle is fitting that space in my heart perfectly. The man hasn’t really been seen, even in the flashbacks his face is partly in darkness, it makes me believe he’s going to let me down and be a vampire or something himself but till then he shows up in flashbacks to talk Mahiru through his problems whenever Mahiru is in trouble.

Mahiru’s friends at school are all quite fun characters that I feel he should spend more time with, specially after realising that his feelings for Sakuya were planted by Sakuya. Those two have been with him since he was a kid yet he still puts Sakuya above them both.

Sakuya, Belkia and Tsubaki are great and I love Lily and Misono.

There always has to be action though, I kind of hope that we get to sit down with characters and get to know them a little better. I said before that forcing them to act fast has helped to grow a bond fast, specially with Lily and Misono. For some reason I really love them but I’d like the anime to take a breather just for a episode and get to know some of the people we have in front of us.

This episode was OK. I’m not sure I care much for Mahiru’s ever changing mind but at least he seems set now. He wants to save Sakuya and to do so he needs to face Tsubaki and defeat him.

Maybe he wants to remember what he said to Misono though? You know the fact he doesn’t have to do this alone? Mahiru isn’t that strong and neither is Misono though Misono works better with Lily and Mahiru is probably physically stronger. Together they’d do well.

Still love the show though, its fun and I like the vampires in it. I like the lore surrounding them and how easily accessible the information has been. Four episodes in and I feel like I’ve been watching the show for years and know the characters like best friends. Its a very easy anime to watch and fall in love with but it does need to take a step back, I think they rushed Sakuya’s story so much that what you were seeing and hearing didn’t match much to what was happening. Hopefully it does slow slightly and we get to see more of the characters just being.


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