Servamp : I am an Adult. This is Society.

Episode 5

Ore wa Otona Koko wa Shakai (俺は大人 ここは社会)

We have gotten to the bottom of Sakuya and who he is, why he is the way he is and all that. So onto the next person!

I’m not even joking.

From going to never having known a Vampire to slowly meeting all the Eves of the world all Mahiru seems to do is meet people and have things explained to him.

This episode did help me understand my dislike for him though.


He says everything he does is the simple answer. Its simple to just want to help people but complicated to want to hurt them?

I think we have a disagreement on a simple life. Personally a simple life is staying in the background, the second you put everyone’s life in your hands its not simple. Saving people is simple? Sure fair enough but what happens when you are faced with killing to save, its not so simple then. He now wants to know Tsubaki’s story as he understands that all people are motivated by something to do what they do… Well other then good people apparently who just live simple lives and therefore need no explaining.

Whilst I’m happy that Mahiru is the voice of peace and would rather not join a organisation like C3, a apparently neutral party who wants to see peace between humans and vampires, its his speeches that make no sense. I don’t know if something has been lost in translation but he just spouts nonsense all the time. Its like bite sized nuggets of self help bull shit that mean nothing in reality. His whole adult rant in the C3 building showed him to be childish and simplistic in his logic. Sure the anime might go the route of him being right and adults over thinking things but even teenagers and children know the pain and suffering that would make them do bad things. Mahiru himself has known pain and suffering he’s just pushed it to one side and because he found someone who saved him wants to save everyone else.

Already Mahiru doesn’t look too simple.

I think if the anime continues with his random rantings about a simple life and simple logic I might never like the character. Just when I think I’m warming to him he comes out with some bullshit that annoys me.

Thing is there is plenty to dislike about C3 before it even became apparent that they were lying. Sure they sent a letter to invite him to come but then kidnapping him isn’t going to make him listen. They approached him openly about their intent to rid the world of Tsubaki and to be honest he was up with them till he realised it meant hurting Sakuya too. Again proving that Mahiru doesn’t have the resolve to do anything. He dithers about the place spouting nonsense and “winning” over everyone else.

He’s a rather annoying character.

I don’t think I’m explaining my dislike for him well. It boils down to him looking at the world in a complex way, making no sense what so ever, doing things that make no sense, taking on the pain of the world, changing his mind all the time, calling others complicated and telling them to think simple… All the while NOTHING he does is simple, he flip flops about the place never having any resolve, never having a simple thought that lasts more then a few seconds before its replaced with a new and usually polar opposite thought. He’s in the right though because its simpler for him to believe so.

The thing is he’s probably right to distrust C3. Whilst they kidnap him to talk to him and keep him prisoner in a room to force him to join them by pointing out the longer and further away he is from Kuro he’ll die, they also have sent the best vampire hunters out to kill Kuro, or capture him, or something. They say they want to take Tsubaki because they want peace but it looks like he was there beforehand and was tortured or “used” in some way by them so they could be half the reason he’s the way he is! I felt for Tsuyuki, the guy who talks to Mahiru, because he obviously does have a bad past with vampires and it isn’t a Adult vs Kids thing at all. He’s obviously seen the worst of vampires, the worst of vampires that Mahiru has seen, you know attacking his friends constantly, is waved away because he’d have to admit that his best friend, who wasn’t really his best friend, hurt people.

I mean ONE OF HIS FRIENDS WHO HAS REALLY BEEN HIS FRIEND HIS WHOLE LIFE WAS ATTACKED BY A VAMPIRE! Tsubaki attacked him, Sakuya attacked him… Sure he’s seen Kuro roll around like a cat and Sakuya cried but does that really wipe away what they or other vampires have done?

Now don’t get me wrong I’m HAPPY that we’re possibly going to see more of the “this is what being a dick does” story then a “they are just evil for the sake of it” story but its Mahiru’s way of thinking that just does my head in.

The “Mad Dogs” of C3 are pretty cool though, specially love Tsuguri in his straight jacket.

Also we get to meet Tetsu who is the Eve of Old Child the Servamp of Pride who goes by the name of Hugh the Dark Algernon III. Tetsu looks older then Mahiru but is actually only 14, he’s taller and walks around with a coffin because he can’t get rid of it. Now he DOES think simply, when told the story of how they met Hugh went to his hot springs and asked for a room, when told he can’t have a room with so much light Tetsu just blocked up the window. The true image of simplicity. Again I loved meeting Tetsu and Hugh, the fact it then wandered off and away from them irked me a little.

Would it kill the anime to just slow down and let us meet interesting characters for a change?

The whole part in the festival was confusing too. Tsubaki’s lackeys went out to plant bombs, were there only ever 2 of them? And since when has a explosion gone off and seconds later someone nowhere near the explosion knows what the item that caused the explosion looks like? Did their plan fail? It skipped over that to go onto the C3 stuff.

Again I enjoyed  the episode but looking back and thinking it through againt it just jumps, changes direction, changes pace at a blink of a eye and before you know it you aren’t actually sure what it is you are looking at!


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