Servamp : About the Future That Never Came

Episode 3

Otozurenakatta Mirai ni Tsuite (訪れなかった未来について)

The last episode explained away a lot of things but this episode we get to see them in action. Who knew that it was going to turn the dial up so far so fast?

It started off on a funny and positive note. Mahiru has gone to Misono to be trained and the first thing he needs to do is get his weapon off of Kuro. He enters Kuro’s subconscious or whatever it is and a part of Kuro, the part that has control over the power, tells Mahiru to pick a present and that will become his weapon.

His weapon is a broom.

Fitting as the first thing he attacked Kuro with, as Kuro says, was a broom but also because you kinda associate black cats with witches and broomsticks. Misono tells him that Kuro is as bad as he is because Mahiru has no resolve which gave the funny come back about Lily stripping. I do wonder though if Mahiru is right on that account, I mean he probably would strip anyway being associated with Lust but it seems that Misono craves friends and maybe “stripping” off layers of protection is what Misono really wants therefore its shown by Lily stripping all the time.

Either way it was extremely fast. Misono’s walls came tumbling down in the face of Mahiru’s friendliness.

Again though its not like that added anything to Mahiru as a character. He was just there reacting and not really doing much to stand out as his own character. Its like he’s a background character there for character development of others just we’re following him around and not the main character.

I can’t help but feel that way through the episode too.

Whilst it was meant to be about Mahiru finding resolve I felt that was just kind of background noise to everyone else.

We learn that Sakuya wasn’t attacked as a innocent passerby but because he is also a Vampire. He works under Tsubaki too and his ability is to hypnotise people. That is what he did with Mahiru. Whilst I will admit to wondering out loud in the flashback in the last episode “why isn’t the green haired guy there” when Mahiru went to school after his parents died I didn’t really think much of it. It was just his insistence that Sakuya was his best friend that striked me as being weird.

Well that is because he implanted his past with Mahiru into his mind.

For a man that doesn’t like liars and gets extremely angry at Mahiru for being a liar the man does nothing but lie. He’s constantly making up stories and spurting out crap in the episode and then asking how much of what he said was a lie.

I loved him. In fact when Mahiru was attacking him wondering why he was attacking him and all the rest I couldn’t help but want him to beat Mahiru.

Its true that Kuro’s strength is equal to the strength of Mahiru’s resolve and in this episode his resolve is pretty much non-existent. Even when he’s determined to stand up for his friend, Misono, who came to save him with Lily and got hurt, showing that his weapon is actually his throne, he still can’t get past the fact that Sakuya was once his friend. There also seems to be something in the back of Sakuya’s mind that kept him from killing Mahiru, only momentarily but enough to change the tide of the fight. The fact the apparition that appeared to Sakuya was green haired as well I can only guess that something happened to a sister or something.

Belkia doesn’t come out the best after being attacked by Misono and Lily’s special move. Lily says that he doesn’t attack the body but the mind so I wonder if Belkia is able to recover his mind the way they recover in body. Until then another Vampire is controlling him like a puppet which makes him scarier then beforehand. Even Tsubaki shows up to join the fray, though he hasn’t quite joined in yet.

It was a real action packed episode and already it feels like this should be nearer the end of the series. They skipped past most of the boring “get to know the cast” type cliched episodes and rushed right into the thick of things. I like it like that though other then Mahiru, who I don’t think I’ll ever “get” as it where, I feel the other characters are growing better by being in action then they would if we were forever looking into their lives in the more standard, normal way.

I just really liked Belkia and Sakuya. Something about the craziness of them both just makes them such enjoyable characters.

By the end we hear that Sakuya wanted to be friends with Mahiru and his friends for three years and then leave them happy. Again its like Mahiru is the cog for everyone else’s stories but not his own. Even me wanting to know more about him is purely out of selfish reasons for wanting to see his uncle!

Still a good episode though and a very strong series.


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