Prince of Stride : High Touch – For You, Who Gave Me the Smile

Episode 11

As you know Lucius was reviewing the series originally, I will finish the last two episodes and give my own final opinion though I have talked to Luc so taking his opinions on board for it too!

So its the Semi-Final and the group are up against Saisei. Can they go onwards into the final?

You know I didn’t dislike it as much as Luc did but I agree that things went really too fast all the time.

This episode focused on the semi-final match.

It was nice to see them focus on the race. Obviously the last part of the team that needed to come together was Riku getting over the problems he’d faced in his past. With Riku finally over his mental block and with the belief of his team on his side he’s able to make it.

With this all done they finally remember that they were a team together when they were kids. What a totally pointless addition to the story. What happened to make all three of them suffer from amnesia like this? Its stupid. Real stupid. It was unneeded or should have been a story that was introduced right from the beginning. I’m pretty sure the first time I watched it I sat there wondering why the hell it needed to be added and I felt just the same watching the episode again. Its funny how re-watching things sometimes doesn’t make it any better really.

I did like how Saisei were supportive after losing, the thing is I personally felt like their barriers as a team were more then just their final two runners. All over I don’t think they really bonded well enough but that was a problem with the writing of the series and not so much the actual teams being terrible.

I must preferred Saisei to Honan. As strange as that is!

I loved that it focused on the whole race, Saisei deserved at least that much. The thing is they made the whole thing feel like the finale! They still have a episode to go but I feel like I’ve just seen the only part of the story that matters, anything that comes after feels like it’ll be a waste of time.

As far as Prince of Stride episodes go this one wasn’t too bad.

The ending, the ending ending, was terrible though. I don’t think I ever cared about Takeru and as much as I liked Riku I felt my bond much stronger to Heath and Kuga who were in their last year so had to win. The whole “they were kids and forgot each other, sob sob, isn’t it cute they remembered” stuff just turned me off those three characters more and it became more about them three being better then everyone else then about the team. If anything I’d rather have seen more of Heath and Kuga and that moment where they remembered and re-promised to win EOS should have been with the whole team not just the three of them.

With just the final episode to go I feel they burnt out really.

As I said this felt like a finish so having to sit and just watch another race is going to be pretty boring. It isn’t like Free! in that you can break up the swimming with drama. When the race starts all members of the team are occupied so you just watch the race. There is no more personal drama to sort out so they’ve made the final rae quite… Undramatic.

We’ll see what happens I guess!

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