Prince of Stride : End of Summer – And Beyond

Episode 12

So the final episode. It has taken half a year for us to actually finally finish the reviews but here it is.

Will it be worth the wait?

The beginning of the episode set the tone.

For me that tone was “we’re going to end in a artistic pile of nothingness and hope you forgive us.”

Sounds harsh? Well it was a terrible ending. I’m sorry to say but I hated it. It started with Nana babbling on about Stride and how great it is at bonding people and how you need the heart to do it whilst watching them run down a straight road surrounded by sunflowers.

We’re going to the Finals of End of Summer…. Again it made it feel like there was nothing else left to really do.

It really did then strip any more momentum going into the final race. After the sunflower crap they went back to training and arguing about their positions. Of course they make a stupid decision that probably in the real world would mess up but they are forced to agree that Riku would be best running against his brother.

It just really is stupid.

Probably was meant to add extra drama to a race that had lost all its dramatic tension by having a strong penultimate story.

There were a few nice moments though, when they were gearing up to actually race and we saw the flashbacks it was a nice moment but one that would have just been enhanced by being in the episode before. I see the drama that was meant to be there having Nana against her dad and Riku against his brother but it would have worked better if Saisei were their final opponents.

After all their main problem was bettering Saisei and now they’ve done that we’re going into cold in a race that is meant to be important.

Riku’s run down at what happened in the season, talking over the whole of the flashes of race we got to see, just reminded me of the promise the series had and ultimately failed to achieve.

You didn’t even get to see the end of the match. Like what was the point of it all?

After a really good episode it ended with such a pointless one that it was actually kinda sad. It completely ignored the reasons why some of the members wanted to win and focused on the main three whilst actually building no drama for the race and leaving the race as a second thought to stupid speeches by people like Takeru.

It was disappointing all around.

I did like the end though, the fact that you see them going on with life like normal, or maybe that is just because I liked most of the group anyway and seeing them interact was the only positive of the whole series.

Finally though we’ve finished the reviews. The final thoughts will be out Monday along with all the other ones we’ve caught up with or just never did.

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