Haruchika : Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru : Valley of Eden

Episode 11

“Eden no Tani” (エデンの谷)

The last episode was sweet but pointless. Like Prince of Stride I finished this series just never finished reviewing it so will do so now even all these months later.

I can’t remember exactly where we were in the last episode but we’re at the finals now.

The crazy life of Haru and Chika continue when a woman shows up to see Kusakabe it sends Haru over the edge. The women is only there to hear what Kusakabe has to say and her importance in the episode is more for Serizawa then anything else. It seems to be her that gets Serizawa to finally get past the last barrier to join the group.

Whilst I loved the episode because Chika was just as important as anyone else and Haru was no where near as annoying as he can be it also just proves how long they’ve wasted to do anything truly interesting. They are STILL trying to convince someone to join the group and they have finals coming up. Obviously the finals isn’t even the thing that they truly care about its still their teacher.

The crazy woman, Makoto, was brilliant though. I enjoyed learning about her and her family history with Kusakabe. In fact I wouldn’t have minded if the whole musical side to the anime had disappeared and we just focused on the mysteries side of it. She was dressed like the guy from the Moomins which meant a character in the anime kept asking her about Moomin village which made me laugh.

So the story was that her grandfather had a very expensive piano that he only let Kusakabe play. He died and the family needed the key to sell it at action for its highest price. Makoto had fallen out with her parents so didn’t want anything to do with them so Kusakabe was the go between.

Haru was able to figure out she was blind, hence her pep talks to Serizawa about letting her disability get the better of her, and was able to tell that there was brail on the side of the Claviette that her grandfather had specially made for her. It was also sweet that her grandfather had taken out the ivory keys of the piano, reducing its cost substantially, to put in the Claviette.

In one episode you fell in love with her and her story and felt bad for her so finding out that her grandfather, who put her through unintentional hell by making her his messenger all the time, had done something so nice to apologise after he died. She was such a lively character that it was a shame that she was introduced so late in the game and we didn’t get to see her interact more with the students, it would have been nice to see more of a interaction with them.

I think re-watching the episode, and maybe one day the whole series, after getting over the disappointment I felt at it helps. I know not to expect something grand from it because I’ve seen the ending and it isn’t grand so I can just enjoy the little moments in the episode.

Plus other then being forced to buy food for Makoto after Serizawa lost a bet no one was picking on Chika. Again if she hadn’t been the butt of the joke all season long moments like this would have been lovely. The thing is so much of the group that we know are such ass holes that it was just mean spirited being so cruel to Chika all the time and in bad taste to have her take it all on the chin all the time. I’m much happier seeing her look so happy.

A real feel good episode.


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