Haruchika : Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru : Sympathy Triangle [END]

Episode 12

“Kyōmei Toraianguru” (共鳴トライアングル)

Finally to the end of a season that I’ve found I can look back on with much more love then I first had for it.

We finally see what happens at the end for Haru and Chika.

I really enjoyed the ending even if I thought it was a bit muddled. Again I think looking back on it after already seeing it once I was able to enjoy it much more.

The main mystery for Haru, that of Kusaske, wasn’t and was ended. They find out someone close to him died the day he disappeared and that was what was holding him back from going back but they also seem to have missed the fact that he just seemed happy to be there.

They didn’t get the gold prize but got the bronze, whilst it was sad it was also a good thing. In general the anime never really saw them come together as a group because Chika was too busy trying to add more people to the group and learning musical instruments isn’t easy so the beginners were going to have much more trouble then the others. The bronze is a great place for them as a team to move on and it gives room for a second series that would be interesting to see.

My biggest problem is that the emotion from finding out the third years are obviously retiring is that we never really got to see the third years. As most of the original band members were third years its sad that they got pushed to the side pretty much from the beginning. It would have been nice to see more moments with them.

This episode itself proved it can be done as there was focus in a number of areas that brought more and more people together.

Its in hindsight though. When watching it through the original time you were waiting for something and it never came and it just bogged down watching it.

Serizawa one just agreed at the end of the episode to join the club and with so many interesting characters there that haven’t been explored to their fullest there is still so much that could happen in that little world.

I think that was what made the episode so good on second viewing.

You wanted it to end so that you had a end but the episode was about how these kids have a whole future ahead of them. They have their youth still and time to fall in love, make mistakes and get back up and try again. This isn’t the final performance for them and they will come back stronger.

I think the anime would have done better to have split the stories in two. It skipped so far into the future all the time that you barely could register what was happening. Now everything changes again for them in this episode that any follow up will be a new slate again, just with some old fixtures attached.

As I said on second viewing it was a much more enjoyable experience.


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