Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Despair Arc) : You Are Smiling At the Despair Named Hope

Episode 10

“Kimi wa Kibō to Iu Na no Zetsubō ni Hohoemu” (君は希望という名の絶望に微笑む)

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch the twistedness of episode 9 again so without thinking about it too much we move onto episode 10..

Sakakura is beaten by Junko, it doesn’t surprise me that he was beaten. She also told us what we already knew, that he was in love with Munakata as well. He agrees to betray Munakata to keep his love a secret which I didn’t get, at the end of the day who cares?! For a start Sakakura doesn’t have to admit to being in love with him in a romantic way if he didn’t feel like he wanted to and I’m not sure Munakata is going to care what Sakakura does as long as he continues to be loyal to him.

Then again if Junko hadn’t used it to blackmail Sakakura she probably would have killed him instead. So probably better he bowed to her wishes and agreed to lie to Munakata.

Its the students and Chisa that are at the heart of the show though. As Junko said Sakakura is just the appetiser to another Despair riddled episode of Danganronpa.

The reason Nanami was separated from the bunch was simple.

Gather all the students in a room (actually a judging area) and force them to watch Nanami traverse a deadly maze. She does well with her quick reflexes that she honed as a gamer but the maze was never going to play fair. We have to sit and watch as she’s hit with all sorts of objects, spiked through the foot, nearly flattened. We watch her suffer, her classmates are forced to watch it all. Then just as she thinks she’s won the winning room is just a illusion and she’s impaled by a room full of spikes.

Thus the brainwashing of her classmates is complete.

The thing is Nanami isn’t a stupid character. She’s going to know that Mikan pushed her into the other side of the maze on purpose and she knows that Chisa played along on purpose. No matter how much suffering she went through though and no matter how much she would have known those two were half the reason she was there she was never going to give up. She was never going to let Despair win.

Even when Izuru showed up she refused to believe that Hinata wasn’t there inside of him still and even though she lay on the floor bleeding to death she would have done whatever she could to help him and her classmates.

Nanami died a hero.

Which makes the game confusing to a tiny point and took me completely off guard.

Junko gets her Remnants of Despair. We already knew that in the war of Despair Junko won the early parts so why does it hurt so much to see her win? You knew it was coming, even if you haven’t played a single game you are probably watching the Future Arc and that started by showing you what these guys became. You knew it was on the horizon yet you still held out hope that it wouldn’t turn out that way. Its strange really. Junko really does know how to spread good old fashion Despair to the world.

Again I think the Despair angle has picked up beautifully near the end and it was another well paced episode that answered many of the questions I had over how she would brainwash a whole group in one go. Now with two episodes left I hope they don’t rush too much to get to the end of it all.

I’m not sure how the live stream would work with brainwashing though, she’d have to program all the stuff she learnt from Mitarai to go in between what they were seeing, I guess she had help to do so but it proves how good they are. I thought the others would at least have to watch the Killing Game beforehand and then forced to watch Nanami’s death.

As for Izuru, Hinata is still inside of him. I wonder if seeing Nanami die will be what sends him to Despair too? At the moment he doesn’t seem to be part of anything really, he’s killed one person in self defence and found the rest of it pretty tedious. Even if he can’t predict what is going to happen, which hasn’t been proven, he doesn’t look to care for Despair so it’ll be interesting to see what part he ultimately plays.

Great episode.


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