Cheer Danshi!! : What I Wanted to Tell You

Episode 10

Another step closer to the end of the season, with qualifiers looming there are still some stories yet to play out personally for the boys in the Breakers. Will they be able to pass the qualifiers and sort their personal lives out?

Well they do pass the qualifiers in this episode, but only just. Haru has his mind on his sister who he’s heard is on a losing streak so makes a mistake but other then that it seems the actual performance went well.

Domoto from Sparks was happy for them but stirred emotions in Sho that he didn’t want stirred.

I guess you’d never actually get a proper performance really animated in full but I’d like to see one. I was kinda disappointed with the one at the festival and we didn’t get to see any of the qualifying one other then Haru being thrown in the air when he wasn’t really ready to begin. I don’t know I just really want to see them perform, specially some of the guys that we don’t really get to see do much.

So the two main stories are Sho and his Cheerleading past and Haru and his sister.

Whilst Haru worries constantly during the episode and doesn’t really get anything sorted Sho does. I honestly feel with the flashback to the beginning of the season when Haru was cheering on his sister that we’re going to see in the final episode either him and the guys up in the rafters or performing for the Judo team to cheer her on. I do feel like they were close and with Haru leaving Judo and spending less time with her it isn’t that she’s annoyed he’s left Judo for Cheerleading but that he can’t talk to her about these things and that seems to be playing on her mind. I do honestly think him showing up to her Judo match and cheering her on either as a squad or just in the audience is going to be what sorts them two out.

BUT it isn’t happening next episode by the looks of the next time ad, and if it isn’t happening next episode I hope that we don’t get to the Finals in the final episode.

The end of that story deserves as much time as we had on Kazu and his grandmother and Hishashi and Andou falling out. The finals themselves also deserve more then the qualifiers got as well.

I’m going to do it once more but compare it to the two other sports animes I’ve watched.

Whilst both Prince of Stride and Free! focused on the bonds between the team as well as the actual point of said team I feel if Cheer Danshi goes down the same route as Prince of Stride it will be a disappointment. Free! I think worked so well, it built up the tension of going to qualifiers and the finals, it even had them fail in the first season so they had something to fight for in the second. I replied to a comment on last weeks episode of Cheer Danshi just before writing this saying I’d be happy to see a similar thing happen in Cheer Danshi but with two episodes left and the next one looking like a fluff episode bringing the group together again I’d be more then happy if they don’t get to the finals at all rather then rush them and make them unimportant like Prince of Stride made their tournament. In fact with Prince of Stride you didn’t even get to see the winning moments, it was a terrible ending (as I’ll probably let you know when I finish that seasons reviews at a later date.)

They could indeed kill two birds with one stone by having his sister show up at Finals but I feel like, again, that story deserves its own episode in itself. It would mirror the beginning of the season, Haru was there for her cheering her on and she goes to see him and it gives her the strength to break her losing streak. At the same time I feel it is a ongoing story plot that deserves its own special ending. The final itself also deserves its unique ending. I think because there is such a big cast I’d feel sad if the Final ends up being a feel good moment for Haru and we lose a little of the rest of the teams emotions in it.

I just feel like it could be much better if they focus on his sister and either have a one off with the Finals or go into the Finals in a second season. Then again with no second season guaranteed I guess they wouldn’t want to end the show without the finals.

For now that is all I’ll say.

The main story of the episode after all was the story of Sho. We find out that Domoto had told him before that his act was like a Circus and instead of realising that he meant that they’d lost the point of Cheerleading by making it more difficult and less about the cheering they went head on into something difficult and that was how the girl got hurt.

So it was about time Sho got his head out of his backside and went and saw that girl and sorted his life out. Which he did.

I’ve always felt that there should be more interaction between Sho and the team captain of Sparks. Then again I think it was nice that it was Hanasaki that came instead, that character is rather under rated in this series, probably because he isn’t in it much. Every time he’s on it though he dispenses knowledge hidden in anger. The guy loves Cheerleading possibly more then anyone else in the whole show but he also seems to understand its meaning better then the Breakers do. I don’t know what it is but the little loud mouth won me over and if (when, because there has to be another) there is a second season I hope the relationship between Sparks and Breakers becomes more friendly and we can see more of Hanasaki.

I do feel with all these bits and pieces there is a bigger story that can be explored. I guess this is my ultimate “please be a second series” episode review, there is always one. With Sparks and Breakers becoming closer, the girl in Dreams and Haru becoming closer and a whole new world that should open up to Breakers now they have proven themselves a little there is such quality material to carry it on.

I don’t even think I have to say that I love this series. Its one of my absolute favourites now.


One thought on “Cheer Danshi!! : What I Wanted to Tell You”

  1. I think that was always going to be the real problem with this show. The number of characters the introduced gave us so many different stories and even though they’ve kept the focus on the core group for the most part, it still feels like we haven’t even scratched the surface of all the stories that really should be told. That said, it’s a perfectly pleasant show to watch and one that I enjoy each week.

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