Busy weekend warning!

So I thought I’d put up a warning for everyone.

We are going to have a very heavy weekend of reviews, catch up stuff and all sorts.

I have reviewed the entirety of Servamp up to date, from episode 2 to 11 which will post over Saturday and Sunday.

Also I will be getting up to date with the three chapters of One Piece I have missed over the Saturday.

Now I am going to attempt to finish at least one or two of the seasons that were on our poll from last season that were never finished. Things like Flying Witch, Tanaka is Always Listless and Divine Gate. There are others like Kiniro Mosiacs second season that were ended but never had a end of season full review therefore isn’t in our recommendation groups which will also happen.

If you are following our Facebook page, Tumblr group or Twitter page for wrestling stuff or anything else I do apologise, I apologise even to people who follow for anime. Its going to be two heavy days. Please don’t unfollow us, as you know its unusual for there to be much activity at all. I feel like I wasted the two weeks of holiday I had, instead of catching up with things I wanted to catch up on I ended up glued to video games and then Ripper Street. It isn’t even like I’ve suddenly decided to review the fourth season of Ripper Street so it was something I could have put off. Therefore the last few days I thought I’d at least put some effort in but we also decided instead of having it spread out we’d just get a busy weekend over and done with and return to what is normality to us the week after.

I SHOULD be going LEP at Stonehouse on Sunday so there will be a wrestling review on Monday or Tuesday (my hours have changed as someone has left but I haven’t seen them yet so unsure what days I’m working) Rick HAS got a draft of the first episode of AHS6 up ready to be read and edited by me which I’ll get on with and post later on tonight.

Again we apologise. For those who either follow Servamp or just like our anime reviews you should have fun! Its a interesting journey. For those who don’t you possibly won’t hear from us again for ages after that anyway knowing our motivation (and the fact I’m still the only person regularly posting and I don’t hide the fact that I get emotionally worn out leaving the house let alone going to work so usually can’t cope with writing when I get home!)

Other then that you can follow me on Twitter for any more news or indeed if you miss my random ramblings I update my Ao3 page with a daily chapter to a special story and have other not so special ones up there. For everything else…. Just keep a eye on the page.


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