Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Future Arc) : Death, Destruction, Despair

Episode 10

After the mental torture of the Despair Arc I feel I’m ready for just about anything in the Future Arc. Other then Hiro or Byukuya getting killed. Of course.

A very emotional episode but I also have to say a confusing one.

It was nice that Naegi was able to speak to Munakata and talk him around but in doing so there were a few moments I’m not sure I get.

OK there was one, one moment. Though I think there is a bigger thing behind the words but in the simplistic way that Naegi and Munakata were talking it didn’t seem to be more then what was said.

I liked the action leading up to it, Naegi used his brains which usually he needs someone with him to do, he lead Munakata into a trap so that he had to listen, though again I’m not sure I understood the reason it was so important. Munakata can’t open doors and has been shown to knock the fuck out of the building to make his way out so why all of a sudden he’d stop to talk just because there was a closed door I don’t know.

It seemed to be made up of lots of little dramatic pieces, all which could have happily ended the episode on a dramatic cliffhanger and all that lead on to more speeches about Despair and Hope. Naegi told Munakata what I’ve been saying all along, his idea to destroy Despair means that he isn’t looking for Hope, at Hope or even from the place of Hope. He wants to destroy because he’s too angry to seek Hope.

This is the confusing bit though.

He’s ALWAYS been like that and became worse after Tengan gave him the answer to his question. Tengan can’t lie so we know what he says is true but he also seems to have answered Munakata with a riddle.

Now I take his words to mean that everyone in the world is tainted with Despair of some sort. This is true, it can’t be helped, Despair is a natural part of the order of things just like Hope is. He singled out Chisa as well as Sakakura and Naegi but put emphesis on Chisa as Munakata loved her. Now we know that Chisa was a Despair, how much of one we didn’t really know, it seems she did kill some kids or something like that but she’d also been brainwashed. Mitarai also has been tainted with Despair but not brainwashed and become a shell for Despair. Of course anyone who was in the Mutual Killing Games or the war is going to be tainted with Despair.

None of this seems to mean anything so with Munakata moaning about those that Tengan was babbling on about I just don’t know what to think.

It does end on the cliffhanger of Kirigiri having figured out who was the attacker and Hina having that information.

I feel the next episode is going to be explosive.

There is something about this series that really stops me from loving it. Its kind of too wordy but sometimes I feel it gets lost in its wordiness. I’ll have to binge it when its over and see if it improves my view on it but I was kinda disappointed with how their fight ended up whilst also happy neither died.

Hoping next weeks episode is a good one.


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