Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Despair Arc) : Chisa Yukizome Doesn’t Smile

Episode 9

“Yukizome Chisa wa Warawanai” (雪染ちさは笑わない)

Last week (in the Future Arc review as this is last weeks Despair Arc episode review) I talked of the Despair Arc losing out in the Despair department to the Future Arc. To this point its been building up and building up but nothing really Despair inducing happened. Even “The Biggest, Most Atrocious Incident in Hope’s Peak High School History” didn’t really live up to being Despair riddled.

If you haven’t watched Episode 9 never watch Episode 9. If you do prepare to need some help afterwards….

I think I take back every bad thing I’ve said about the Arc so far. Maybe to someone who has only watched the anime this episode didn’t hit them as hard as people who played the game, I still live by the fact that I feel the anime has done a disservice to the characters, but man was this a emotional episode.

Torture, brainwashing, pain and suffering all wrapped into one.

Chisa saves Nanami just before she is brain washed and we learn how something big in the game happens too.

Chisa herself is then made to witness Despair as Junko brings out a brainwashed student and actually has him kill himself in front of her. I was shocked that they went that far, not only that but to show that to a point they aren’t brainwashed enough to mentally agree to it. The kid used a saw and sawed through his neck whilst crying and asking for her to stop as it was painful. It made me sick, I had to actually stop the episode because I was in tears at this point. Chisa then gets made to watch the tape herself and whilst she fought against the brainwashing, or it just didn’t really effect her at first, Mukuro tortures her till she relents.

That in itself actually made me feel ill. Chisa was such a innocent character full of love and happiness and she still seemed to be so in the Future Arc that seeing the torture she went through not only the brainwashing but having to hear about how her students will love her so much and cling to Hope they’ll run to their Despair to save her and seeing and see that kid kill himself was just sickening.

Probably the most powerful part of the episode and the series as a whole was the opening though.

Junko has always been one of my favourite characters because even though you tend not to see much of her she has a charisma that attracts you to her. The whole Despair shit works with her because you can see why others would follow her. She’s also got so many personalities that she’s much more a “funny” character then anything else but she’s so fucking evil its unbelievable.

When she was talking to Chisa telling her that her students were going to rush to their Despair to save her it overlaid seeing Nanami get to the class and them rallying to go save Chisa. Knowing that Junko is correct just chilled you. You started the episode screaming at the TV for everyone to listen to Peko and Nagito who told them not to go but knew they were going to go no matter what.

The group don’t get there easily either, they end up being split when they run into Reserve Course students who are ready to kill any Ultimate student they see. It’ll be interesting to see how they end up together again.

Why I say this might effect people who played the game more is because I feel more connected to these characters through the game. I doubt I would have given two tosses about them if I hadn’t played the game before the series aired. They are rather bland and in anime terms not a patch on the Class that came after them that were part of the Killing Game. They didn’t really have a chance to shine as individuals and their main eccentricity was what people saw of them in the anime. The fact that, and it isn’t even that you know what comes next to a point which you also do if you are watching the Future Arc too, you’ve just lost so many small pieces of character, the interactions they had, the quirks that made them individuals and the relationships real that I honestly think if this is all you’ve seen you won’t realise just how Despair filled this is.

It isn’t making people kill each other.

It isn’t doing what Junko did to Mitarai and making him feel as small as a ant and understanding that its his fault this is happening.

Its destroying people’s personalities. Destroying what they stand for. Making them shells and filling them with anger, hatred, violence and everything else.

My problem has been that I feel that some people might not care. They might not see the people that this is happening to as individuals but just a random class of oddballs. For me it had me sick within moments and by the end shivering in tears because I know just what is being ripped away from these people.

Its just horrible.

This episode was just horrible. Then again it needed to be. With only a handful of episodes left if it didn’t suddenly do something then it was going to lose its way.

I’m just so sad right now.

I don’t see the point in having Sakakura get involved with Junko either. We know both survive so unless he ends up being brainwashed too and it ends up being really over the top then I’m not sure I care to see Junko beat Sakakura if I’m honest.

We’ll see. We’ll see.

(Still upset with Episode 9 of the Future Arc and what happened to Sakakura. Stop picking on Mr Violence please.)

2 thoughts on “Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Despair Arc) : Chisa Yukizome Doesn’t Smile”

  1. I know this is old and you might not read this, but I feel the same way. I feel so deeply sad and sick how that episode was. I feel such a deep connection to these people and the way they get turned into nothing bad how some people might not know them like we do.. it hurts almost as bad as a real person losing everything that made them, them. Your writing brought me to tears because I relate so hard and didn’t think anyone else thought so deeply about it as me. Thank you.

    1. Hey! It is nice to see people still care about Danganronpa. Thank you for your kind words, the Despair Arc ended up being one of the most emotional and heart wrenching series I’ve ever had to watch and it truly upped everything in the series for me. It still hurts me to think that some people who either don’t realise that there is a game or can’t invest the time into the games because they are long won’t ever get to see these characters for the well rounded people they were. The end to this series as a whole was made so much better due to the emotional attachment you have to these characters if you’ve played the games.

      I’m sorry to see my writing brought you to tears but happy to see I wasn’t alone in becoming a emotional wreck when it came to this episode!

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