Mawaru Penguindrum : Thank You for Choosing Me

Episode 20

“Erandekurete Arigatō”(選んでくれてありがとう)

Months and months between finally finishing last weeks review and the one before but now we’re on the last straight to the end. Four episodes left and you have to feel the majority of twists have been twisted all they can.


Baring in mind how long ago it was since I saw the brunt of the episodes did we ever see them talk about their parents before? Because Sho got real sad about it when Himari compared him to their mother.

Sanetoshi is probably my favourite character. He talks in riddles but seems to make a lot of sense. I’m not sure why kissing would turn anyone to ice but I’m also not sure why Sanetoshi is obsessed with it.

After his confusing talk about kisses and fruit we get a flashback with Sho to how Himari joined the family. We get to hear throughout the episode speeches from Sho’s father but the important part of the episode was showing how Sho and Himari bonded. She was a orphan that he found running around waiting for her mum. Poor Himari has had a horrible tough life but it was nice seeing the Himari we had grown to know shine through a little after they bond with a stray cat. I mean she was a abandoned little girl who felt like she didn’t deserve anything because someone had abandoned her, watching how Sho didn’t care and looked after the cat made her warm to Sho.

How heartbreaking then was it when the cat disappeared?

Always thought that the child broiler was a metaphor or something but who really knows. Himari ended up there and even Shou’s dad knew that it was where kids went to be made invisible.

Sometimes I think the anime tries to be too clever for its own good.

Regardless of how crazy it got though the music made me cry and of course it is always Himari that is in trouble so its even more sad because Himari doesn’t deserve that.

So Shou feels guilty because he picked her to be part of the family and everything that has happened to her since then has been his fault. Whilst a lot of bad things happened to her I think he misses the point that she’s still alive and people still know who she is. She’s still making a impact on the world whereas she wouldn’t if she was made invisible. She might be on the verge of death and have loads of crazy things happening to her but I feel like she doesn’t care as long as she has her family.

I cried. I cried a lot. It was a sad episode.

Everything kind of comes together with Penguindrum. Its a visual treat. The story might sometimes not make sense and you will be left wondering what you just witnessed but when you look at it and the music that comes with the scenes in front of you you will be moved emotionally.

Himari by far is the most amazing character and you just don’t want to see all that bad things happening to her. It is sad to see it happening.

But it was the haunting words of the Takakura parents that really worried me in the episode.

I still don’t really know what they are fighting for but they killed people in their fight yet haven’t changed a damn thing. What are they actually hoping to achieve? What is going to happen? Why the heck would they continue when their family, the one we now know they CHOOSE to have, need them? Its baffling. I can’t help but hate them all the more.

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