Cheer Danshi!! : Tears of the Sun

Episode 9

With such a huge cast of characters there is always some kind of drama going on so what next for the team?

The episode starts with loads of people acting weird Β  but after the previous episode and Kazu acting spaced out you have to guess that the episode will be about his grandmother.

It was nice to see the guys talking to each other, its the most important thing for them to do really. After practise those who weren’t sure how to do certain things asked the ones who seem to get it naturally.

The episode then turns into one of the biggest run arounds for Haru ever!

First up the dopey Souichirou is worried about his little sister. He thinks she’s got a date and drags Haru with him, I guessed from the way they’d been acting she was meeting Gen but when we finally see Souichirou’s sister… Who is a bubby still… Well I couldn’t help but laugh. He’s such a dope! It made me giggle and just showed a sweeter side to him because he can be a pain in the butt at times. It also once more showed just how close Gen and him are because Gen agreed to go to choose a present for Souichirou’s birthday, so not only does his sister believe Gen the best man for the job but she’s obviously extremely confident in talking to him.

Next up is the two idiots Kan has to deal with. He’s their boss and they do as he tells them and they get scoulded a lot at the beginning of the episode. Turns out coach has sent them a “fan video” of Shou. Automatically I thought “well surely she sent it so they can watch how he moves, how he acts, how he reacts. You know seeing they have to learn to be like him.” Its up to Haru to ask her though. Turns out he has a fan and it was sent by accident when it was meant to be sent to his fan.

Whatever that is it sounded kinda scary really!

So just Kazu left?

His story is actually extremely sad and kinda hit home for me. My nan only recently just died and she had dementia so just before she passed away she started to forget who people were which is what is happening to Kazu. The difference obviously being that I have family whilst she’s all he’s got.

I cried. I cried so hard and so long that I had to go back and watch the end again.

It was nice to see the whole team gather round to support him, you always knew they would but having it in the open now and knowing he can trust his friends is the most important thing for him. He can now focus with the support he needs in his personal life and people who care about him surrounding him.

What was really nice was you saw just how emotionally attached to the Cheerleading Kazu is. Knowing that seeing Cheerleading made his gran remember his mum and why he wanted this to all work out was sweet. It might also be a tiny bit of motivation for them to carry on pushing.

Now onwards with their training I guess.

You know I didn’t think it would work.

Having one group then half way through the season adding on a bunch more I thought it was going to fail to keep me excited. It has actually worked really well though. I don’t feel like I am cold to any of the team, maybe not as emotionally attached to some then others but I feel the anime did a good job of bunching them together so even ones that don’t have their “moment” as it where they are attached to another character who you can easily related them too.

Gen and Souichirou were the first and now you have the Nabeshima brothers and KinΒ and his two idiots. Having Hisashi and Takeru have their fallings out and dragging Saku into it Β opened their group up to the point that sure I’m not sure of half their names half the time but they have their own individuality from the pack as well as their importance in it.

Going forward I want to see them do well and the connection is almost as strong between me and the anime as it was by the mid-way point in Free!

I feel you need that kind of connection most in anime’s like this. Personally I feel like Prince of Stride never really gave me that connection so like Luc who reviewed it I got angry a lot of the time because they tried to force me to care and then rushed the story on anyway. Free! was the first sports anime I ever watched and was what changed my mind on the genre completely and in the way that Cheer Danshi!! has built a relationship between the audience and the characters I feel its done nearly as good a job as Free! did.

It started off a cute episode, went into a dark patch and ended on a positive.

The line about cheerleading being all about support that ran through the episode was so important too.

I don’t really want the series to end if I’m honest!


2 thoughts on “Cheer Danshi!! : Tears of the Sun”

  1. I think a continuation of this could be quite good, particularly is members of the group leave at the end of a year and they recruit new members and take on new challenges. It’s just kind of sweet watching the cast week to week as they go about breaking through their own limitations and learning to work together.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah I’d like at least another season. Some new members of the team when the older group leave would bring them new challenges right off the bat, then again one of my favourite characters will be one leaving which would be depressing (though it was the same in Free! and little brothers help a lot with bringing them back for odd moments!) It is just a lovely feel to the show. I’d like to have seen similar to Free where they don’t get to where they want to be in the first season and come back stronger in the second.

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