Mob Psycho 100 : The Heinous Aura ~Mastermind~

Episode 10

“Kyoaku no Ōra ~Kuromaku~” (巨悪のオーラ~黒幕~)

Shigeo and Hanazawa have infiltrated Claw’s HQ. Ritsu and his company have broken out of their cell and are on their way to find one of the Shiratori brothers who have been taken hostage.

The fight is really about to begin!

So much happening in this episode.

At the end of the last episode the guys split up so each of them had their own unique fights to fight. At the beginning of the episode Ishiguro sends out lackeys to bring them down fully knowing they had no chance and that obviously meant that Ritsu and crew had their own problems too.

Loved the moment when the older lackey let Ritsu and his group go because he was smart enough to know he’d never win in a fight and neither would any of the kids with him. Just leave them be because when Claw take over they’ll be rewarded regardless. It was both a funny moment but made the lackeys more then just lackeys.

We’ll go through the motions one fight at a time shall we?

Dimple seemed to just parade around the place, he easily took out some weaklings before finding the torture chamber that they call awakening pods. Thinking he was done he ended up coming face to face with Matsuo.

Matsuo was so cool! He trains spirits, it turns out at the end of the episode that he sticks them all in a jar and the one that survives in the end becomes a super strong pet. Well Dimple nearly tricked him but took too long and found out just how many pets Matsuo already has. I enjoyed their fight because Dimple is weak and so is Matsuo so it ended as a battle of the wits. It was also pretty funny, with Dimple tricking him and all. I liked Matsuo and kinda happy he wasn’t defeated, though I was enjoying having Dimple as a actual person instead of the green blob of doom and despair.

Hanazawa used the techniques he’d learnt from the bullies he used to work with. Beating people up and making them do his bidding. He finds out that Ritsu and the others have escaped, or at least left their cell. Again he underestimates the power in the building and after taking out one guy with Pyrokinesis that was so weak he only could produce a flame at the end of his finger, he finds himself engulfed in Miyagawa’s flames.

Miyagawa wasn’t as cool as Matsuo. He talked too much and even though I couldn’t see a way out for Hanazawa being stuck in his barrier after being surrounded by flames I had no doubt Miyagawa would be defeated.

He was. Pretty simply. Hanazawa only scorched his jumper a little whilst he reversed the barrier around Miyagawa himself, thus burning him to a crisp.

Unfortunately Claw isn’t in this to play fair and have one-on-one fights. As soon as he’s beaten Miyagawa Sakurai shows up, when Hanazawa thinks he has to face him next Muraki surrounds Hanazawa and they capture him.

Sad times.

Muraki seems pretty cool and Sakurai always looked cool. Will be interesting to see them up against Shigeo or getting taken down in the future by Hanazawa.

Ritsu and crew as I said above were let go by one group of lackeys, Ritsu defeated another before a boy called Sho shows up. The lackeys did say someone had been awakened before, a kid, and was here so I’m guessing as he doesn’t have a scar to make him a Scar then he’s the one they were talking about. We don’t see what happens with them but we see the aftermath….

So Shigeo?

He ends up captured for a small period by Mukai and her living dolls. Of course by the time Mukai runs there to have her dolls defeat him the dolls themselves have already been defeated so she runs back to Tsuchiya crying which spurns Tsuchiya to fight Shigeo.

Loved the fight between them, Tsuchiya was quite a interesting foe but came up against Shigeo crying that he didn’t want to hurt a woman because Reigen had always told him not to hit women, she made the mistake of telling him to give it his all because she wants to fight and ends up losing. Ishiguyo then sends out Takeuchi who looks helluva cool but again gets defeated easily. They make the mistake of leaving Ritsu’s body lying on the ground which sends Shigeo right up to about 96% he then goes over the top when Mutou thinks its a good idea to spread some despair into Shigeo. Amplified and sent back to Mutou Shigeo defeats yet another Scar just for him to faint and be captured by Sho.

Sho then becomes the centre of our attention.

To be fair he might be strong but he might not be.  Ritsu isn’t used to his powers and isn’t as strong as Shigeo is so we’ve not seen the extent of what Sho is capable of, heck we haven’t seen anything that Sho is capable of other then phasing through walls and stamping his feet. Hanazawa seems to have the wrong idea, because Sho brought Shigeo there he thinks Shigeo was defeated when he wasn’t, he merely fainted after reaching 100% and using his ability to reflect the attack by Mutou back at him. Sho hasn’t done anything yet other then beat up Ritsu.

I thought that was it, I always leave the shows running till they completely end, I was on Twitter talking about how amazing the episode was when BAM big surprise ending.

The leader of Claw has just walked in. The leader of Claw with a terrible aura. The leader of Claw that just so happens to be someone we already know.

What the hell Reigen?!

Now I want to say that I always thought he had power and I can see why he’d take Shigeo on. After all if he really is the leader of this organisation how better to bring in someone as super strong as Shigeo then befriend him, make Shigeo believe in him but also see that he’s weak, and then bring him over peacefully or let him underestimate him and then beat him to join them?

Just still though. WHAT THE HELL REIGEN?!

I’m so happy I watched this show now. Honestly I was watching Anime catching up one day and my mum told me not to watch any of the shows she was watching too (which was all of them) so then just picked a random anime out of the list of this seasons that I hadn’t watched. I very nearly didn’t bother with it. Its pretty much my favourite.


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