Mob Psycho 100 : Claw ~ 7th Division ~

Episode 9

“Tsume” Dai 7 Shibu (“爪”~第7支部~)

Claw have Shigeo’s little brother. We all now worry about Ritsu and his friends, or at least the people who would call him friend if he allowed them too.

I’m happy that the balance between comedy and drama is carrying on. Shigeo teams up with one time enemy Hanazawa and of course the ever present Dimple to find his little brother and save him. There isn’t a person around that can beat Shigeo let alone the joint power of Shigeo and Hanazawa, this leaves for some dramatic scenes oozing with charming comedy.

From torturing Terada to find out all about the Scars, their hideout and everything else, whilst also accusing him of telling them nothing, to Shigeo’s innocence and inability to lead.

Hanazawa makes a good leader of a over powered little group.

Needless to say Ritsu at the moment doesn’t need much help. After the Scar’s personal brainwashing machine Mutou picks the wrong kid to drag away and pretend to kill him and his rag tag group of not so powerful Espers have already escaped and are out looking for their lost member.

The episode was one of my favourites so far. Ritsu has gotten off his power trip and realised that he needs to work together with these people. Their powers aren’t that strong but they are proud of who they are and being with Ritsu is only going to be a positive as his attitude of just doing it might give them the confidence to find more power hidden beneath the surface. Ritsu himself was able to use his power to save them but lets hope he’s learning a lesson as we go.

Whilst they are escaping Shigeo and Hanazawa are in the building. Dimple even has a body after possessing one of the guards outside. Hanazawa proves once more just how smart he is learning a technique being used against him within seconds and being able to use it. The power both of these kids have could easily defeat quite a few of the obstacles in their way, its obvious that it’ll be Shigeo that defeats the main boss but I can see Hanazawa being a worthwhile partner in this endeavour.

It was a bridging episode though. We’ve had the build up of Ritsu gaining power and then becoming mad with said power which blew up when he was attacked and kidnapped by Koyama. This is bridging that part of the story to the “final boss” fight as it where. Claw look scary but this is just one division of a much bigger organisation and you have to believe that just defeating these and saving Ritsu won’t be the end of it for Shigeo and Hanazawa.

Great episode and even though like One Punch Man I know things will go Shigeo’s way, even if there is slightly more drama to a fight with him then there is when Saitama, again I feel worried about people and it works. It shouldn’t because you have one super powered kid that can knock down the world if he needs to but you do worry about him and whether he’ll get there in time or whether something bad will happen to Ritsu and the others. I like that even Ritsu is slightly overpowered at the moment but you can still fear for them and the situation, I’ve always felt that was the hardest thing to do. When you have weak characters its easy to worry about them but when you have overpowered ones you have to write the story well to make people worried even though they know everything will be fine because the characters are overpowered.

Episode 10 should be a brilliant one.

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