Berserk : Shadows of Ideas

Episode 11

Idea no Kage (イデアの影)

We really are nearing the end now aren’t we?

Mozgus is now a angel (well no but yes) intent on burning Casca at the stake and ask everyone is being murdered by giant blood blobs and all sorts they are all too happy to agree.

How is Guts going to end all this?

That egg thing? I truly feel so sorry for it. I mean it was a human that had been left and made to feel like they were nothing. Of course it wants to see the world that didn’t care for him disappear in flames. Its only natural. He had no one and nothing and now he wants the rest of the world to suffer.

He finds the fetus dying in the tower as it climbs to the top and swallows it.

Never a good sign.

More pressing matters for Guts who comes crashing down the tower and see’s it out of the corner of his eyes. Even when he thinks that he’s got Mozgus beaten he ends up facing a new improved version of Mozgus.

That guy has been terrifying the whole series long but he’s even more so in his armoured form. The thing is he truly does believe in what he says and he did care for these outcasts that he called family. Its why when the egg starts going on about whether he’d see the world differently if the priest had found him I had a tear in my eye for him.

Guts spends the whole episode talking sense.

Why should a bunch of people who run away when they are scared and pray for things to get better have the right to burn someone in the thought that it would save their skins? Even if killing Casca would save them none of them have the right to say she should die, even if she was willing none of them have the right to live through her death. As he was saying that he saw through Mozgus’s weakness.

He is saved by his scripture so he dies by it as Guts puts a bomb in it and kills him.

Guts isn’t the only one in the middle of a fight though, there are still the Twins to deal with. They nearly kill Nina, which you know is the fate she deserves, instead she falls down and there is a funny yet cool scene where Puck and Isidro work together to blind the Twins and then Jerome kills them after they fall back to the ground. It honestly makes me so happy that Jerome joined the group. Thing is everything is so serious and those three can be so funny at times but I feel it never detracts from the drama. Its needed in some ways because everything can be real dark, having them bicker or make jokes or just the change in the animation is great because it splits the episode up a lot.

As the fight ends and all who are still alive in Guts group stands their ground he tells them that they have to keep fires close and fight till morning. Even though I believe this is the penultimate episode (heard there is only 12) I’d love for them to stay together. Before anyone says anything about the manga I know little about it but know a few characters do stay with Guts, but I don’t know the fates of a few of the characters. It’ll be interesting to see who lives and who dies.

It was a awesome episode.

For me I could have lived with more information on Mozgus and his torturers, I could have had a whole season just at the tower of conviction but unlike other anime’s or stories in general where I mope and groan on about rushing this or that I have to say this has been really well timed. The fight didn’t go on too long and even though I kinda wanted the story to go on longer because it was the best part of the series I feel it started, played out and has now ended perfectly.

You all know I share a common dislike in the animation, a lot of people don’t like it. I’ve gotten used to it and it doesn’t annoy me so much now. What I didn’t know was people didn’t like the sound track I personally LOVE it. I’ve always felt that the music was the best part of it and it adds so much to the tension in the fights and all the rest.

Great episode. Why is Nina not dead though? She tried to run away and leave them all again in this episode yet everyone wanted to help the sodding bitch! Just kill her already!


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