Even though I’m on holiday I’ve gone quiet. Sorry about that. You can find me either on Twitter or daily updating things on AO3 if you need me.

Today though we have exciting news as Ultimo Tiger has a new t-shirt coming out. I’ve already Pre-Ordered mine and you should go out and do the same!



I can not speak highly enough of this guy. Fantastic wrestler, amazing guy with some pretty cool t-shirts. If you don’t know Tiger you’ll probably learn of him soon enough, the guy is starting to make waves down here and its only time before he moves on up. The man deserves everything he gets and is a true star to look out for. One of the most talented wrestlers down here and a awesome guy to his fans.

Biased as I may be I think everyone should go out and get the t-shirt. Its only £15, cool looking t-shirt and you get a signed print too. What more could you ask for?!

If anything give him a follow on Twitter and Facebook. Also check out Pro Wrestling Pride’s YouTube channel ( ) where you can see some of Tiger’s work (really go watch the Fatal 4 Way AND the match against Bram. I was there for both, love both of those matches and shows why you’ll want to support this guy even from afar!) if either of those, or any of those videos make you a fan then head over to Pride’s website ( ) and pick up any of their DVDs on sale now.

Ultimo Tiger has been our Wrestler of the month twice and three of his matches have been the match of the month. Go check the dude out and buy his shirt. Then do your best to come down this way and see him.



NOTE : If that doesn’t get you to buy then here’s the sob story version.

[SobStoryMode]Look at the face of that man, that is the face of a man who had his championship trophy stolen off him. Buying his t-shirt might cheer him up after the horrible theft he’s had to deal with in the last week and a bit. Support Tiger in his time of need. Make sure he knows that not everyone is laughing at him losing his trophy. [/SobStoryMode]


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