Mawaru Penguindrum : My Fated Person

Episode 19

Watashi no Unmei no Hito (私の運命の人)

Tabuki didn’t get the information he wanted and you’ll never be able to look at Tabuki ever again. So now that the family are together again and Ringo seems to have been brought back to the family what twist will ruin their young lives now?!

Well it seems that Kanba was lying, he does know where his father is and it is his mother and fathers terrorist organisation that is giving him the money to help them all survive. Its really strange. How could they just be sitting in a restaurant without caring about anything when they are wanted criminals?!

Twisty twist.

Also it seems goodbye to Tabuki who has left Yuri and his job at the school.

Not so much of a Twisty twist.

Himari tries to come to terms with what is happening to her. She talks to Sanetoshi about losing her place in the family and how she won’t get better. Sanetoshi also has a meeting with Masako about the meaning of the diary and has to get her head around magic.

Sanetoshi wants the diary to be burnt to win the game so hopes that Masako will do so for him but she doesn’t. Masako herself doesn’t seem to be as bad as she seems, she seems to have been hurt quite badly by Kanba choosing his family over her. She knows that the diary and the game that Sanetoshi is playing is dangerous and decides that she won’t play it and she won’t let Kanba play it but she’s going about stopping Kanba from playing it.

So she gets creepier and goes to visit them and give them a present.

This is where the Ultimate in Twisty Twists shows up.

Himari isn’t their sister. In fact she was found by Sho in the room for unwanted children and taken home. He ate the fruit of destiny with her and that is what made her part of their family.


My brain honestly couldn’t deal with so many twists that’s why all of the above was sat in the draft folder since July 17th. I tried to watch the episode a few more times and whilst the episode itself isn’t difficult to watch or anything at the same time it hurts to try and put into words all the twists that happened.

It was the point I’d been warned about, where it all got convoluted and confusing. Whilst I personally enjoyed the episode and watched it lots during this last month and a bit I can see it very easily upsetting others.

As I’ve struggled to write about it I’m not going to struggle anymore. I am going forward….

It was a twisty episode.

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