Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Future Arc) : You are my Reason to Die

Episode 9

We ended last weeks episode with an explosion, with Sakakura looking to leave the school and with everyone running for their lives.

So what happens next?

Honestly this show is going to end up with only one person left alive, it just doesn’t give up. There are another 3 deaths in this episode, one deservedly so, one for dramatic reasons and the other to break our freakin’ hearts.

Munakata is way too far gone. You see we learn what Kirigiri knows this episode, or at least a little bit of it and one bit is that they are in a identical area to the main building just underwater, therefore you’d think Munakata would know this right away being the dude that made the place. He also kills Sakakura in this episode and mutters about Despair’s making him do it.

Whilst I agree all signs seem to point at Munakata being forced to kill people therefore being the murderer, I also think it would be boring if he was. Like honestly even when I tried to write why I think he isn’t I realised the theory I had for him NOT being it that covered why he acted the way he did could then just be twisted to show that he IS. I was going to say his theory is that everyone but him must die to prove that he isn’t the person killing everyone, but if he is being forced to kill during the time periods OR if he really is a Despair then it’ll cover his tracks too! In fact the only thing that would really prove Munakata ISN’T the guy behind it all is if he killed himself at the end of it, thus proving that no Despair was leaving the building…. Whilst on the other hand also filling the world with more Despair if they ever got told about what is happening.

Sakakura’s death was sad, dude loved Munakata.

The theme of the episode seemed to be people being in love in one form or the other being killed by the person they loved. The title was a dead give away for that.

We see just how Ruruka killed Izayoi and whilst some people warmed to her and felt sad for her I was overjoyed to know that she was the next person to die after the time limit surpassed. It makes me a total bitch I know but the girl was poison. Real life poison.

SHE betrayed her friends, she used her friends, she acted above her friends yet she killed a man who just said “I value your life more then mine” so he wouldn’t betray her. BETRAYING him to stay alive. That dude was the only reason she WAS a live. If she’d gotten off her high horse for two minutes and talked to Seiko instead of pushing her constantly to go batshit crazy then all three of them might have stood a chance!

Her death is by far the most brutal in this Killing Game so far which kind of once again points to Munakata being real crazy if its him or else Β there being something else going on in the background.

Honestly at this time would not put anything past Danganronpa. From other people being involved (like Robo-Gekkougahara) to one of the dead guys still actually being alive. Other then Seiko I can’t see anyone else wanting to kill her in such a brutal way, Munakata is hardly going to go so far and stuff her face with sweets and I’m pretty sure the knives that have been used looked a lot like Izayoi’s knives. Again if Sakakura is the killer and he wasn’t completely killed by Munakata (lets face it, dude was a beast and I can dream he’s still alive) I don’t see him going through all that trouble. If there is someone else watching then whilst the others who had been killed via the time limit all hadn’t really done anything wrong in the game maybe they watched over Ruruka and thought she deserved the punishment. A Despair Chisa would do that in my opinion, lady is obsessed with friendship and bonds and would not take lightly to Ruruka acting the way she did I’m sure.

All signs though point to boring old Munakata.

The third death was the saddest though the one that I’m nearly positive at some point will be reversed. People have seen cans rolling away from the body and have all sorts of theories, I just don’t want to believe it.

Kirigiri dies.

She’s the death Naegi was warned about, her forbidden action was “Getting past the fourth time limit with Naegi still alive.” As he’s still alive she killed herself for him.

Munakata also knows the exact reason why she’s dead after ripping apart Robo-Girl and taking the knowledge of everyone’s forbidden action, he once more challenges Makoto to face him one-on-one.

I said on Twitter that I’m not enjoying the Future Arc as much as the Despair Arc or even the original series or the two games I played. I feel both this and the Despair Arc are running towards their goals and both needed to spend more time actually developing the characters, something they couldn’t really do. The thing the Despair Arc has though is the tension and story build up. I don’t care if I don’t know the students so well because I’ve played the game and know a little of what comes next, the Despair Arc has filled in gaps and blustered knowledge but has a central story that its working on. The Future Arc doesn’t have the luxury of “I know this happens so I’m just waiting to see X or Z play out” so the constant jumping around, killing any interesting character, random need to have bloodthirsty dudes killing people for no reason and absolutely no story whatsoever is annoying.

For me the mystery of who the person killing in the sleep period is just won’t be important enough when answered for me to care.

Munakata? Boring and predictable. Why just because he isn’t a goody-two-shoes, I love everyone character does he have to be the bad guy? He’s interesting, he faces the same problem as Naegi at a different angle. He’s one track minded like Naegi and follows through with what he believes. He’s the exact same character just with a different mind set. Not only is it boring if he turns out to be the guy but it would ruin a character that actually WAS extremely interesting.

Someone we’ve never seen? Again boring and predictable. Depending on who I guess. It could be a shocker but I doubt it’ll be worth the series we had to sit through first to get to the point and you’ll forever wonder why they didn’t keep more people alive for longer.

Someone we thought was dead? I said that I thought it might be Chisa back from the dead, specially after the last (I mean last weeks) episode of the Despair Arc, it would be interesting and as the first episode made clear it didn’t care if it used old cliche’s from the other series/game so the fact that it was done before wouldn’t really matter. It might be ruined by the Despair Arc though which again would mean it should have been secondary to the story of the Future Arc, of which there is little.

Mitarai? Now that is a interesting character. I’ve seen that we’ve already seen his Forbidden Action is something along the lines of not being allowed to see a girl get hit or something, I don’t know and I can’t be bothered to go back and re-watch for myself. That being said who said the Time Limit Killer will have a bracelet that would kill them? Surely they’d probably be immune. He’s had contact with the Despairs and we know very little about him because the him we learnt about was actually a Imposter so why couldn’t it be him? Again though it wouldn’t be a big enough impact to save the Future Arc for me.

I feel the Future Arc should have focused more heavily on two teams. They should have had Munakata keep his head for a slightly longer period, willing to talk as he knew that was what Chisa would want, maybe having one or two people die by accident because of their Forbidden Actions but ultimately end up with two groups. Those who would do anything to be rid of Despair (led by Munakata) and those who believed that Hope will find a way (led by Naegi) you could then have had a full on war between them but with the central theme of two clashing ideals still being the centre of attention.

Sure that is kind of what we got but what we’ve really had is one or two clashes between Munakata and Naegi where Munakata talked at Naegi and Naegi threw out pointless words. Naegi and Hina running around the place staying out of trouble whilst bigger and even more silly fight scenes exploded around them, a break away from it all to see something that could have been seen after the credits throughout the series or something and which really added nothing and Kirigiri going around the place nodding to herself and investigating whilst others talk about nonsense around her.

Sometimes its been a chore to watch it.

I can only hope the ending is going to be much better.


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