Pride Promotions : Quote the Raven… Its Yersel

Pride return to Plymouth and this time they are bringing wrestling Legend Raven and TNA Superstar Grado with them.

Also some new names joining them and the Social Society returning once more and we were in for a good time.


So before the show they had the Raven meet and greet which was a great idea. We were in the first load of people in, obviously as we got there earlier still because we’re always there early, and have to say that Raven is a completely awesome guy. So nice and interesting to talk to.

Like Billy Gunn my niece was petrified of him, he tried talking to her to show he isn’t scary, he asked her to touch his hand and then when even that didn’t work or Owen, who was also awesome with her, and my mum couldn’t convince her to sit on their lap and have a photo with him he chased her around and tickled her then just held on to her whilst I took a photo. The guy was just the best and wasn’t going to let her leave till she had a photo with him. It might be rather blurry but she has one and its a unique story behind it she’ll get to tell everyone.

Winner : Mad Man Matt Boyd

Pre-Show match as people were still queuing to see Raven or being let into the building.

Mezinger has been a great addition to the Pride roster and from originally coming in as a good guy to the bad attitude he has now he’s been extremely impressive. He continued to be so in this match even though he lost. He’s a lot bigger then Boyd so whenever Boyd got some steam up Mezinger was just able to pick him up and throw him away.

It was a slow match but fun to watch.

The ending didn’t really have the impact you’d think it would have. Boyd went for the same move a good three times before hitting it and when he finally did and got the three count off it it felt like a waste of time waiting for him to hit it. Something about it just fell flat.

Much better then the Paignton Pre-Show match and it’ll be interesting to see where Mezinger goes next with Pride. Even in loss he was the standout of the match.

Winner : Danny Jones

We once again get to see Doug Williams and Danny Jones go at it. Since a failed attempt at tagging together back at One of a Kind their story has been a interesting one to watch. Its always great to see Williams in person and these matches have really brought out the best in Jones who has gone from strength to strength.

Heck I couldn’t stand him earlier in the year now I can’t help but dance along when he comes out. Guy really has found his feet.

Jones actually had the match in hand for the majority of it to. Williams had to keep leaving the ring to create space from Jones who wouldn’t let up. He got the better of him in a technical exchange too and even though in the end the pin was semi-lucky and left Williams gobsmacked it never looked like Jones was going to lose it.

Top class match and Danny really deserved the win, afterwards Williams attempted to attack Danny when Danny was walking back to the stage but he even had the better of him on that one too. I don’t think this is over, I would be sad if it was!

Winner : Double DQ

Match of the night.

Don’t think it should surprise anyone that it was, these two were amazing against each other in Penzance and they carried that fight on here in Plymouth. Knott was actually more aggressive then I’ve seen him in a while and honestly looked like he was going to beat the champ most of the match.

When things didn’t go Knott’s way he used his brains to slow Tiger down again, faking a injury to his leg and then ramming Tiger into the post. What it actually then did was put Tiger in a foul mood too and it ended in a fist fight.

If Darren Saviour thought that he’d lost control with Jones and Williams then losing complete control of this match nearly sent him over the edge.

After giving Josh Knott a public warning, Ed Dyer found he had to warn Ultimo Tiger for the same offence, I don’t know why a public warning didn’t get handed out to Tiger but maybe before Dyer had a chance to do so the two were just brawling in the middle of the ring. No one wanted Dyer to get involved, everyone wanted to see Tiger beat the living crap out of Knott but unfortunately it ended with the two of them shoving Dyer away and getting DQ’d.

Not that I tweet Tiger a lot, just usually after his matches, but I did tell him that Josh stealing the Catch Division Trophy was probably Karma for him not only shoving Ed Dyer but then getting all up in his face about being DQ’d. Whilst arguing with Dyer, unfairly so as he did shove the ref and everyone knows that you can’t shove the ref so he should’ve just taken his punishment, he turned around to get the Catch Division Trophy in the face from Knott who then walked away with it too. Even after being told he’d be fined and not be paid for tonight.

Josh Knott is, according to Josh Knott, our New Catch Division Champion FOREVER!!! I think he meant he’ll forever be our Catch Division Champion not a new one forever. Tiger vowed to get the Trophy back but I have had confirmed on Twitter he still doesn’t have the trophy. It’ll be interesting to see him get it back. These two are honestly the best.

Winners : The Magnums & Raven

I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me that either Keizer or Raven would get on the mic but I don’t think I thought it would be as long as it was. If we had just had Raven insulting the Soul Society for 20 minutes I would have been happy. For a chance Chris Walker wasn’t the funniest person at ringside, in fact he was relegated right down to the bottom with Charlie Garrett stealing someones walking stick and arguing with fans and Kelly Sixx and his sad face at being called Justin Bieber.

The match itself was great, it was nice to see the Soul Society back in force and so nice to see Sixx back with Pride. I honestly have missed him and have loved seeing him in other places since he disappeared from Pride. The guy gets better every time you watch him, though he’s always best to watch in singles competition.

It started on the Magnums/Raven side, the Soul Society running scared of Raven and the Magnums just out pacing them, it took some underhand tactics from their leader Keizer to get them back in the mix and when they have that opening they go for it. When Walker finally made his tag after a mix up with Sixx and Garrett the match was virtually over. Raven got in and cleaned the ring, we even got some chair action as he brought a chair into the ring. They all three pinned someone and it was a triple pin fall victory for Raven and the Magnums.

After the match it was real nice that Raven got some kids involved. Letting them pin Garrett and even had one put Garrett in a headlock. He then gave a great speech praising the talent, totally agree with him that Garrett will one day find his way over to WWE as the guy is way too talented and charismatic not too! Nice to hear him praise all the guys and British wrestlers in general. So far in the night every guy in the ring proved him right (and they did so for the rest of the night too) and it was nice to hear him say it.

Honestly out of every big name guy I’ve met in the last year with Pride Raven was just the nicest guy.


Winner : Mr Massive Chucky C

I stopped watching TNA a long time ago so I had no idea going into the match who Grado was. I had a feeling I’d be laughing a lot but I didn’t realise just how good he was. I kinda knew how good Chuck Cyrus was as I’ve seen him once before but this match was something else.

The Mr Massive stuff is never going to get old. The man has me laughing from the moment he walks out, these two had a bit of a back and forth over social media going into the match with videos being posted online, and whilst I found Grado’s funny Chucky C’s had me on the floor in tears of laughter.

Honestly they got the balance of comedy and wrestling right. My mum didn’t enjoy it much but I thought it was great fun.

For me it was good to see Cyrus win, even if he had to use dirty tactics to do so, because in the little wrestling that did occur he did out wrestle Grado. Mainly because whilst Grado kept his fun personality going he slowly drove Cyrus to the point where he just wanted to beat up Grado. They even got Martin involved, Cyrus now knows the easiest way to bribe Martin is bring chocolate to the ring and feed it to him.

There were push ups, pink trousers being thrown around the place and lots of dancing. It was real good fun. I’d love to see Grado again, I’m gonna have to turn TNA on from time to time to see him in action, but it was a great debut for Mr Massive into Pride and he’s going to be a star there.

Winner : The House of Bones

I will put my hands up that I got distracted in the match, I felt it was over very fast but it didn’t surprise me that it was over so fast as the new tag team of Dunn and Draven (I think they were called Ashes to Ashes or something like that) whilst impressive were TINY compared to Lomaxx and Gideon.

They did get some good moments though and made a great debut. I was captivated by Dunn, not only because we have the same surname (his is spelt the English way mine the Irish) but because at certain angles the dude looks like Alex Shelley, then when he got going he looked like Alex Shelley and as anyone who knows will confirm me and Pete bonded when we first met over mutual love of Alex Shelley and the MMG in general. The guy was impressive as was his tag team partner but even when they got going it was like running into a mountain.

Have to admit I missed the running/flying Lomaxx squishing one of them so don’t know which one was murdered by the big guy but it was nice to see Lomaxx and Gideon in good spirits. They are amazing as a team and well deserving of the trophies and its going to take one hell of a team to come in and take them off of the House of Bones. Eddie Ryan wants to be happy they are focused as Tag Team Champions at the moment because he doesn’t want their gazes on him for that title belt he has as even though he’s beaten Lomaxx once this year already in a astonishingly good match, he will have a fight on his hands if either decide they want it.

Dunn and Draven I can’t wait to see again in a better match up. At the minute the House of Bones are pretty dominant and they are big guys, I’d like to see them up against the Soul Society whilst my mum is looking outside of Pride at some smaller teams like the Bristol Boys. I really liked them and they were really cool at the Meet and Greet to. Personally they impressed me even if one of them was quite possibly murdered by Lomaxx.

After the match Darren announced that it was Lomaxx’s birthday which gave us a funny few minutes, specially when Gideon chased after Darren. So it was a good result for the birthday boy!

Winner : Eddie Ryan

I feel like out of our group I was the only person looking forward to the match. Most people thought it would be boring or didn’t see why Andrews and Ryan should go up against each other.

Therefore I feel smug now that it was one of the best matches of the night.

My 7 year old niece was in tears through most of the night because she thought Eddie Ryan was going to lose the belt and with good reason as Andrews came out and just threw Ryan around like he was nothing. For everything Ryan threw at him he had a answer and he dominated the match. I wouldn’t say there is too much of a difference between the two of them but Andrews made it look nearly as easy as Lomaxx and Gideon did in their match.

No matter who he fights in front of though Ryan never gives up, that’s especially true in front of his home crowd. The cheers the guy got for kicking out of pin attempts was deafening.

Last time Ryan was here in the Guildhall he faced Drew Galloway for the TNA Heavyweight title and to be honest he had a much easier time of it against Galloway. At no point did it look like Eddie was going to find a answer to Andrews strength. Then Charlie Garrett came down and hit him with a wet floor sign, more tears from the 7 year old, just for Ryan to kick out.

In the end it took two Super Kicks for Ryan to put down Andrews for the three count. It was a stunning match. Happy that it was the main event because it was such a good match. Looks like Charlie Garrett is trying to put himself into the title picture, though he’s just made a enemy of Chris Andrews as well, so there looks to be some interesting fights ahead for the champion.

Nice show of sportsmanship at the end with a handshake and a hug between Ryan and Andrews. So very lucky to get to see this match. Wonderful end to a great return to Plymouth.


I only got a photo with Grado as didn’t really feel up to having photos taken.

Obviously there was also the photos with Raven from the pre-show meet and greet.

Grado was lovely. Honestly fell in love with the guy as he was just a sweet heart. Enjoyed seeing some of the new guys at the meet and greet too, they were all real friendly and chatty. My niece meeting Danny Jones who she loves was priceless and of course she had to have a photo with Tiger because Josh Knott wasn’t there. For some reason I was made to feel guilty that Walker had a four hour journey ahead of him just because I pointed out to Tiger I had to walk home! I have a feeling me and that Tiger are going to fall out soon. Also great to see Keizer out to sign stuff as you don’t always see him there.

I got the Tiger print that I keep forgetting to buy online and got it signed. So now as well as my Eddie Ryan pile of stuff I have a Tiger pile of stuff and might need to get a t-shirt signed so that I have equal amounts of stuff for each. Though with the announcement of two new Eddie Ryan t-shirts, plus the free one I should get from PWA for their crowdfunder thing, my Eddie Ryan collection is about to grow stupidly large once more. Have a picture of my Tiger print and the collectors card from GoldenStars that I got last month!


It was a fantastic night. I honestly think Raven and Grado have been my favourite big stars Pride have had since I’ve been going.

After a slightly disappointing show in Penzance they came back with a bang and an impressive one at that. They bulked up their roster with more British talents and each and every one of them impressed on their first outing, the two guest stars were used well in two magnificent bouts. Raven’s speech was brilliant and Grado was the most hilarious guy ever.

It really was the British guys that made the night though. The debut of Mr Massive was simply brilliant, couldn’t have had a more impactful debut if he tried. Even though the match was a bit one sided the tag team of Dunn and Draven are a interesting new addition to bulk up the tag team side of Pride. All the old names were back in force with great matches for Mezinger, Jones, House of Bones and the Soul Society. Even in loss each and every one of them made the most of the time they were given and made each match top class. It was a great return for Kelly Sixx who I have to mention whenever he shows up as he is truly a phenomenal wrestler. Then you had the two mammoth clashes, the first and best between Tiger and Knott and then the juggernauts of Ryan and Andrews. Both those matches were unbeatable in quality and showed off the best Pride have to offer.

I wasn’t too upset that the big names didn’t go to Penzance and felt they pulled off the night OK but it was really saved by its main event. In total contrast this night was amazing from the pre-show all the way to the end.

Plus I think the meet and greets were so well organised, probably better organised then any. Having Raven pre-show was a great idea as it meant that everyone got a chance to see him and no one was rushed. The man is a absolute legend and took time with everyone he met, the amount of effort he put in talking to kids was touching and my niece will never forget how kind he was to her even though she was terrified.

It was a fun night. Can’t wait for them to come back to the Guildhall as its a great venue and you can never have enough Pride down here in Plymouth.

Ultimo Tiger has already made a challenge to Josh Knott for a re-match in Tavistock meaning I have till that show to bribe someone to drive me there but just knowing there is going to be that re-match in Tavi means that everyone who can get there needs to get there. Any other match on the card is just a bonus when you get to see them two at it again for the Catch Division trophy.

Next time I’d 100% going to Pride is for their show in Exeter which is going to feature the Boogeyman. Also going to Heroes and Legends 4 as that was the show we exchanged our Penzance tickets for and I have now paid my £15 extra to make sure I’m front row for the event too.

Their next show is the Tavistock one on October 2nd, should be a good night.

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Absolutely amazing night, Pride once more out did themselves.





















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