Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Future Arc) : No Man is an Island

Episode 6

A lot seemingly happened in the last episode but in actuality not much happened. We gear up for another big surprise in this episode.

For a start the rules of the game seemingly have changed. I can’t remember the rules of the game but the contestants in the game are certain that only one person would be killed when the time limit ends and right now there are two dead bodies. That of Seiko, which we saw last time, and also of Sounosuke.

I’m actually shocked and a little sad that Sounosuke was killed because other then being Ruruka’s lap dog we saw nothing of him as a person and I thought finally having them split up would mean we’d get to see a little more of him. It makes Ruruka more suspicious in my mind even though I know that Gekkougahara isn’t who she says she is. Sadly even though they found both bodies they seemingly have left Seiko’s where they found it and spent time reading a book over Sounosuke’s dead body….

Way to go Kirigiri.

The episode actually started off with a weird dream of Naegi’s, I’m not sure what is going on but it looks like even his dreams are trying to tell him that there is no hope.

What the episode did was show that the mutual killing game they are all partaking in currently isn’t actually the main focus of the series. With about seven of them dead already, one who we know is a robot and a possibility of other despairs (I still think Kouichi is a little suspicious as well as Ruruka) I doubt there will be much to do when the timer runs out again.

This time out they opened the door though bringing in (FINALLY) Byakuya as well as Naegi’s little sister and Fukawa. Not only that but Munakata’s forces have reached Jabberwock Island too.

We knew this was going to be the end of Danganronpa, or this part of Danganronpa, or whatever and it seems that here in the middle they finally have set out to finish everything.

Byakuya knows that Gekkougahara isn’t who she says she is because they’ve already found her dead body. He’s on the move, with Hiro fishing patiently on the outside waiting to get inside.

Naegi’s baby sister and the psychopath are ready to do their bit too.

Then the Remnants of Despair are about to have company.

As well as the clash of the Hope’s in the Future Foundation ruins.

I felt that even though Sounosuke was probably killed for finding the door more then anything else, it was still one thing too many. I don’t think Munakata or Sakakura are bad guys, Munakata is just going about everything in the wrong way and Sakakura follows him, though I still can’t tell whether he was actually shocked at who Tengan told him was the Despair or whether he seemed to just know it. Their absence in the episode really was sad.

It just became a bit too much I think. With two series running together and now shit tons of stuff happening in this one it kinda just got on top of me really. I think when we get to the end and the mysteries are solved and the action is done I’ll be able to enjoy it much more but this episode seemed to try to branch our attention out in three or four different directions when our attention is already diverted between two different series and if you’ve played the games trying to mesh it altogether.

We’ll see how it plays out though.


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