Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Future Arc) : Ultra Despair Girls

Episode 7

A completely different feel to this episode as we leave the Killing Game behind completely to go after someone else and stop at least part of the mystery.

I’m sorry if this review is quite short.

This time out we follow Komaru, Naegi’s little sister as she and Toko, on the orders of Byakuya, go after Monaka, the girl who is controlling the robot Gekkougahara. Its a very action packed episode where the two of them fight through many Monokuma’s to get to Monaka.

Monaka herself hyped herself up to be the next Junko right until it started to get interesting. In fact it looked like she possibly had victory over these two at hand when she just blew the place up out of boredom and decided that she wants to become a NEET in space.

The reason the review is so short is because I didn’t like the episode much. When learning about this side game with Naegi’s sister I kinda made a decision not to play it if I ever saw it (which I haven’t) as I’m not good at first person shooting games anyway so wouldn’t enjoy it as much. For me the episode, whilst I went into it excited that I’d get to see his sister and Monaka, didn’t really do much for me. It looked like watching someone playing a third person shooting game. Whilst I found her weapon quite interesting and how fast she was able to figure out how to defeat what was around her, and as much as it was nice to see Toko going from her own personality to Genociders personality and helping out, it just ended up dragging on and on.

When we finally got to Monaka she’d gotten bored.

I couldn’t figure out Komaru’s feelings to her either. Maybe its because I haven’t played the game and know next to nothing about the characters but she seemed to look forward to the day Monaka got bored of being a NEET in space and would return. They are younger then all the other cast and it had a more childish sense to it. Monaka had been defeated by her own boredom, went to do something else and Komaru was sure she’d come back and they’d be best of friends? Well maybe not quite like that but it took a edge off it.

Monaka did reveal that she wasn’t the mastermind. She had taken over the robot Gekkougahara and faked Hina’s death just for the fun of it but leaves Komaru with a message that someone will die because of Naegi.

When Monaka is finally gone they hack into Gekkougahara’s computer to talk to Naegi.

The episode didn’t do much for me. I’ve always loved Danganronpa for being intelligent as well as having all the deaths and stuff. Its never been a action packed thing so its a little disappointing as a episode really. Never mind, that part of the story is now over I guess…


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