Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Future Arc) : Dreams of Distant Days

Episode 5

Every single episode of either the Future or Despair arc I watch makes me sadder and sadder. They really do fill you with Despair.

This episode is the absolute worst.

We learn all about Seiko and Ruruka and their relationship, at one point they truly were friends. Slowly during their friendship Ruruka couldn’t get over the fact that Seiko would die if she ate her sweets and it soured. Ruruka’s character is spiteful and nasty but at the heart of it she seemed to love Seiko.

It hurt my head working it out because there were so many times where you just wanted them to talk it out but then Ruruka would do something and be even more of a bitch and you wanted Seiko to get to her. Seiko in all of this is the actual victim, never did she do anything to hurt Ruruka other then not physically be able to eat her sweets because she couldn’t. Not because she didn’t want to but because she couldn’t. I get that this seems to have upset Ruruka but enough to be so cold to Seiko?

At one point their relationship turns from being friends to Seiko being completely used by Ruruka with nothing in return other then the word friend being bandied about.

It ends with Seiko looking at the timer knowing that someone else would die and holding up one of Ruruka’s sweets, the sweet Ruruka gave her the day they met. Just when I thought she was going to have a sad suicide it looks like she was killed anyway.

Meanwhile Tengan is hanging about to die. It seems he can’t not answer questions so he tells Munakata everything he wants to know. The most important part of that conversation we don’t hear but once again they prove just how much of a bad ass Tengan is even in death.

Sounosuke finds a hidden doorway after going off to find a weapon to defeat Seiko after they figure out that her forbidden action is letting people stand on her shadow.

Then you have Hina and Naegi having to defend themselves from Sakakura and getting saved by Gekkougahara who we already know is a robot being controlled from the outside.

In actual fact the whole episode was a bit of a let down. Seiko’s story whilst now finished and being as sad as it was left a real sour taste in the mouth. After everything that happened she died like a dog. It would have been nice to have seen a show down between her and Ruruka or at least see them talk it through instead of Ruruka running off. Just when Seiko was going to give Hina a cure Gekkougahara attacks, of course Hina and Naegi think they’re being saved after Seiko looks the way she does but little do they know they are actually being saved by a robot. It all was just very sour. I know that Danganronpa has no happy endings and I wasn’t hoping for much but it just wasn’t satisfactory.

Then you have Tengan and Munakata which was pretty cool, those two were honestly the greatest part of the last few episodes but you kinda feel that this was too soon in the season really. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I don’t know, it just felt like all the build up and very little in return. You thought some answers might be coming and they disappear and the saddest thing was that possibly the saddest character in the whole thing is now dead.

I dunno. It was kinda upsetting but not in the normal Danganronpa way.


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