Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Despair Arc) : The Worst Reunion by Chance

Episode 8

“Gūzen ni Mo Saiaku na Saikai” (偶然にも最悪な再会)

So the Biggest, Most Atrocious Incident in Hope’s Peak High School History wasn’t as interesting as I thought but is the start of something even bigger and worse in the rest of the world.

With the Reserve Course kids rebelling how will the Ultimate’s cope?

So I said I would be disappointed at how fast this series is going to skip forward and I’m right. I don’t really know what the time lines are but there is no chance of getting to know anyone after this.

The thing is it makes it feel like this is happening right at the beginning of the school year but that can’t be right as the 78th class wouldn’t have been able to spend much time together. I feel the timelines are being rewritten in such a way that you might not notice unless you are a asshole like me.

I guess I should have guessed that it was going to showcase what Junko did more then letting you get to see either the 77th or 78th classes bonding.

Then again its just as interesting seeing how Junko takes over the 77th class.

Mikan is already gone. She wanted to stick with Mitarai and sometime between the last episode and this one she’s seen a prototype brainwashing video that Junko has made using the Student Council Killing Game as a template, therefore Mikan is fully gone to Despair. I don’t think Mitarai is going to be the Despair in the Future Arc at all now. I don’t know, if he is then something bad has to happen. He’s forced to help Junko in this episode and when he gets a moment to escape he does so. I’d find it hard to imagine he’d be part of this as his natural course of action would be to join the Future Foundation.

So Junko is going to brainwash everyone then?

Whilst with the time limit they have that is a great idea I also kinda liked seeing her TALK to people.

The thing with people like Junko is that their charisma gives them power. She fills the room with her personality just by being in it and she can read people well. I feel like she could turn the world to Despair just by talking to them so using brainwashing seems like a idea just because they don’t have enough time to show her weasel her way into everyone’s heads.

For any Ultimate her reasoning would be sound. Say something long enough people start to believe it. As Granny Weatherwax would say its all Headology. Its the same with opposite effects to what Chisa is doing to them. Whilst she’s filling them with the yearning for life Junko could do it for Despair.

That being said its about to really explode.

Chisa goes running to save Nanami without ever thinking of getting in touch with Sakakura who is trying to get hold of her right now. Nagito who just so happened to show back up at school easily finds the entrance to the secret base and comes face to face with Kamukura BOTH exhibiting their luck.

It was a great episode. I don’t mean to knock the brainwashing idea because I think its bad I just personally find Junko so interesting I’d love to have seen something more special being done.

I played the second game and loved the characters of the 77th class but watching the anime I don’t like them half as much, they’ve lost that little bit of spark that made them special and it kinda sucks. With so little time left in the anime I guess my only concern now is that they actually take these up until the second games beginning, I’m a little upset that it doesn’t seem they are going to animate that if I’m honest as I’d love to have the full set of stories in anime form.

Don’t go any lower if you haven’t played the second game…. As I’m about to talk about it.

So yes spoilers ahead for the second game.



This episode makes it obvious why Nanami would have ended up in the Future Foundation instead of being a Despair. She goes with Nagito so she’s there in the lair of Junko, she see’s what’s going on and see’s Nagito being shot by Kamukura. Mitarai runs away and tells Chisa that Nanami is going to be killed so its obvious why she’d then join up in the future with Chisa and her group.

It also makes sense why unlike Mitarai she goes into the game world. After all Mitarai never really spent time with his classmates, its one thing in the episode that I didn’t get, when they threaten his friends he shouldn’t have been as effected AS MUCH. I know he didn’t want anyone to die but they weren’t his friends. Again it therefore makes sense for him to join the Future Foundation but also not to join the game. He possibly doesn’t want to help them as much as Nanami would, the only two in there he had any real connection with being Mikan and the Impostor.

From the game we also know that these guys weren’t caught until after Junko dies in the first game/first series/Killing Game. This anime has what 4 or 5 episodes left? That has to cover the last few events that would lead up to 78 being locked in the school and Junko dying. It would then have to cover 77 finding Junko’s body and attaching parts of her to themselves as well as whatever else lies in between 77 being captured and the remnants of 78 putting them in the game world. I doubt this series will seamlessly connect this story to the second game and therefore give us a full timeline. I also feel even if it doesn’t but especially if it does it’ll all get rather rushed, I feel we also have a negative for that rushed feeling in that empathy for the 77th class has disappeared and a connection between the audience and the students lost.

That is just my personal opinion of course, I don’t like things that feel rushed, one reason I was never really a Sword Art Online fan even though the story itself was right up my street.

As for the Future Arc it makes me wonder even more. I’m guessing Chisa is 100% dead. In the last review for that side of the story I said that my last guess was either Mitarai or Kirigiri, maybe because their bracelet tells them to. I’ve also since then been reminded we possibly do know Mitarai’s and I just forgot, he is a bit of a forgettable character, which means the only two we don’t actually know are Kirigiri’s and Munakata’s. My mistake. Seeing Chisa at the top of those stairs about to enter the lair of the Despairs where they have brainwashing stuff and all sorts just made me have to wonder if they aren’t going to pull the same trick twice. This time instead of there being two of them this time Chisa just being alive. Kirigiri has checked the body though so I doubt that its the case.

I mean if she did become a Despair she’d love to see the Despair its caused Munakata and Sakakura. Just don’t think it’ll happen.

That’s enough of my rambling though!


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