Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Despair Arc) : The Biggest, Most Atrocious Incident in Hope’s Peak High School’s History

Episode 7

“Kibōgamine Gakuen Shijō Saidai Saiaku no Jiken” (希望ヶ峰学園史上最大最悪の事件)

Dare I say this might be the most anticipated episode of a anime I’ve ever gone into personally? After hearing of the Biggest Most Atrocious Incident ever since the first series, all the way through the games and constantly in the Future Arc we’re actually about to witness it?

Bring on the Despair!

First up we look at the relationship of Junko and Mitarai.

His anime uses all the brainwashing techniques to make sure that he gets the reaction he wants from his audience. It even works on Junko who see’s why their encounter was fateful. Unfortunately we all know she’s getting ready to use this for her own evil intents. Later on in the episode she watches it again and this time she analysis every little detail. Last time out I said I apologise if something obvious points to Mitarai being the one they are looking for in the Future Arc but this makes me believe that he probably has little to actually do with Junko other then befriending her as much as he has now and being manipulated by her.

The episode also introduces Mikan to Junko as she goes looking for the real Mitarai after the Impostor tells her he’s gone missing. She also see’s Mitarai’s anime.


What we all wanted to see was the Biggest most Atrocious event ever though right?

Now I knew what happened, I knew that the school council killed themselves after turning to Despair but it wasn’t what I imagined and I think therefore it was slightly disappointing. I don’t know what I expected actually, I set the event up in my head to be much more then it was. I think the talk of people turning to Despair I thought more like what we learnt the Remnants of Despair were like but it seems that it was much more like a very short version of the original (though I guess THIS is the original) School Killing Game.

Junko and Mukuro go and get Kamukura and take him to a room where they had threatened all the School Council to be. They were from the Reserve Course as well so just normal people. They were then told to kill each other, given a box load of reasons they should and then started to kill each other. Kamukura himself wasn’t really involved, he just kind of watched. He did end up killing the final student left alive, more out of self defence then anything else, but that was it.

I guess it got the name it got for the symbolism. Even being Reserve students it was still a bunch of students from Hope’s Peak killing each other. It also led to the school covering it up whilst simultaneously seeing Junko tell the whole student body.

Hmm it’s weird really isn’t it? How this has been THE event that I’ve been waiting to see played out and maybe because of how long I’ve loved Danganronpa and how long I’ve been thinking about all these terrible events I’ve managed to make up something more terrible then what actually happened. I know that the event itself was horrific, made worse by hearing Mukuro sing (not that it was bad singing just that it was off putting) but it was kind of tame to everything we’ve seen so far in Danganronpa and so artistically done that it just did nothing for me.

As I said though I realise that this was what it was because it triggered something worse. After Junko tells everyone what happened and all about the experiment the Reserve Course students rebel, the school locks its gates and they have to keep the Reserves out.

Any kind of Hope is now shattered.

As I said it was kind of disappointing. Though it made Junko even more terrifying because the girl is a completely twisted and evil bitch.

It shows her intelligence though, it shows how much thought she’s put into it. She keeps telling us over and over that Despair is so exciting for her because its unpredictable.

Sticking a bunch of people in a room and telling them to kill each other is unpredictable.

Who kills who and how is unpredictable.

What happens when the truth gets out is unpredictable.

So in a way on a grand scale it is just as scary as I thought it would be but the actual event itself was tame. We’ve seen much worse things happen in the anime all the time. Heck we see Nagito for the first time in a few episode and he’s just survived a plane crash which in itself is much worse then the killing spree of the student council. It wasn’t broadcast live like the Killing Game was and even though it was covered up and was the worst thing to happen to Hope’s Peak therefore deserving of its name for me it lacked possibly just that extra bit of drama. I felt the event itself was lost more for the story of Junko trying to impress Kamukura.

It really is the beginning of the end though.



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