Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Despair Arc) : Beginning of the End

Episode 5

“Owari no Hajimari” (終わりの始まり)

The sad, sad story of Seiko was shown last episode as well as just how freakin’ dangerous Nagito is when he gets something in his mind.

That boy is a real danger.

There are three important parts to this episode.

First up the story of Ryota and the Ultimate Impostor. For fans of the second game you’ll know about the Ultimate Impostor, Ryota was picked on as a kid and found hope in anime and uses every last piece of strength to create a hope filling anime that will save everyone. As he can’t do that and live a normal life the Impostor took his identity and went to school for him and tries his best to get him to eat and have breaks. Whilst the Impostor isn’t the most friendly of guys he’s the only person that knew about Ryota till now, in the episode Ryota faints and the Impostor has to tell Mikan about their arrangement so she can help him.

The second part is after half a year goes by and Chisa is back with the 77th Class the 78th Class, Naegi and co, are starting their life at Hope’s Peak Academy.

This means we get to see Junko and her sister arriving and a little more of their relationship. Whilst it seems that Mukuro really loves her sister Junko wants to feel the Despair of killing her. I loved Junko’s personality in the first series/game and happy we get to see a little of it pre-Killing Game. Its also nice to see anything of her sister and her sisters personality. The scene where they meet and Junko is doing a narration of what is happening was hilarious as well as their car ride together.

Personally this leaves me with a dilemma.

On one hand I want the story to progress and for us to learn about the Despairs, how they turned into what they did, what Junko inflicted on the school in as great of detail as possible.

On the other I now want to know as much as I can about the 77th and 78th classes. I know them so-so but want to see more of both classes just being themselves.

This seems like a doomed hope.

It would be nice to see more of the characters I loved so much from the Killing Game before all this shit happened and I still love the 77th class and want to know more about them. I feel like this could have been a much longer and more in detail story, but then I’m a sucker for falling in love with characters and their stories.

The last part of the episode that was important was the creation of Hajime’s talent. He finally goes ahead with the experiment, his file says he was expelled but he’s had his talent implanted into him.

So much going on in one episode.

All the students we’ve ever seen in Danganronpa have been interesting in their own way. I love them all so much and its sad that we never really got to know any of them. I feel with Junko now at school we’ll very quickly march on. With six months between last episode and this one I feel we’ll have such giant steps and never really get to see any kind of bond really build between any of them.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Junko does as well as what Hajime does now that he’s got talent. It’s going to be a seriously interesting second half to the Despair arc. With so much still to see I can’t see it slowing down and holding its breath for any period of time.

There is one question, it kinda got glossed over without being ignored in the episode. That is why the Impostor looked like Byakuya before Byakuya came to the school. I’d like to find out why he looked like him.

It was a brilliant episode though. So excited for the rest of them!


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