Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Despair Arc) : A Despairfully Fateful Encounter

Episode 6

“Zetsubō-teki ni Unmei-teki na Deai” (絶望的に運命的な出会い)

With Junko at Hope’s Peak and Hajime having undergone his experimental treatment to implant talent into talentless people the world is about to become very hectic.

What a sad, sad beginning. Did Hajime know that the experiment wasn’t just going to install him with talent but was going to delete Hajime? They christian him and his new personality “Izuru Kamukura” after the founder of Hope’s Peak.

Not only is Chisa looking for information on Kamukura but Junko is actually looking FOR him.

The torture scene for the trustee that Junko had reminded me so much of the torture scene in Utopia with Wilson Wilson (a Channel 4 drama) maybe just because of the eye stuff but I am a bit twitchy when it comes to eye stuff. Junko always finds interesting and unique ways to kill everyone and this is no different. Her and Mukuro are such a strange team but they find themselves out powered and manoeuvred by Kamukura.

In fact we get yet another Ultimate Talent for Junko, turns out she’s the Ultimate Analyst and that is why she’s become bored of the world, she can analyse everything and therefore finds her fun in life in Despair which is unpredictable. Her speech to Kamukura is so impassioned it doesn’t take much for me to see why people would join her cause.

Chisa on the other hand finds out about the experiment and goes running to tell Munakata. I can’t really tell if I like him or not even in the Despair arc, the man is just too difficult to get a grasp on what he really wants. He doesn’t really feel like someone full of Hope or fighting for anything other then some twisted reality that he has in his mind. Chisa will do anything for him though.

I always wanted to see Junko in action and it isn’t disappointing to see it now.

Whereas Ruru is a bitch in the Future Arc and the boys are all muscle heads there is something refreshingly intelligent and twisted about Junko. Her road into Despair comes from a very philosophical place and her way of killing is out of this world bonkers. It makes all the other idiots in the anime/games look weak. I guess one thing that makes her refreshing from others is that she doesn’t care if she dies, if she dies doing something Despair ridden at least it’ll be more fun then just living for the sake of living. Being the Ultimate Analyst must be extremely boring and I think she hits a cord with Kamukura who after knocking her out tells Mukuro to give Junko the message “I’m waiting”.

Being the Ultimate Ultimate must be boring too.

I would have liked to have seen more information being brought up that we didn’t really know by inferring from everything we’ve seen so far when Chisa was in the trustee’s office but that doesn’t really matter.

It ends with another “fateful” encounter according to Junko when she walks into Mitarai who is being forced to go to the school hospital after his big collapse.

Full disclosure, again even though all these and the Future Arc reviews are being scheduled to come out side by side the way the show is meant to be watched I’ve personally kept up to date (just not written the reviews) of the Future Arc so if anything comes of this fateful meeting and my Future Arc reviews start making less sense I totally apologise! This gave me the biggest “OMG” moment because obviously Mitarai is one of the guys in the Future Arc and he’s just come face to face with Junko!


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