Mob Psycho 100 : The Older Brother Boys ~Destructive Intent~

Episode 8

The showdown between Ritsu and Shigeo begins now…

Just thankfully it doesn’t.

I said on Twitter that when I sat down and watched Episode 1 I thought it would just be a anime I watched weekly that made me laugh. It looked like a mystery a week kind of thing with interesting yet over the top characters and a strange yet delightful animation style.

By Episode 8 I have to say I’m more invested in the characters, story and supporting characters and their stories then I am in many animes I’ve ever watched.

This episode had more character development seeping out of it then any other anime I’ve watched this season. The relationship between Ritsu and Shigeo stood tall at the centre of it. Whilst Ritsu tells Shigeo that his admiration for Shigeo was false and it was out of fear that he hoped to get powers, Shigeo stood by his little brother constantly. Ritsu might have feared his brother to an extent but I feel like most of that fear would have been for his brother as well. Knowing that his brother couldn’t control what power lay in him, knowing that his brother loved him it would have been scary. It was still pure jealousy that made his powers awaken though.

When a member of a group called Claw who kidnap child Espers to turn them into brain washed soldiers shows up to kidnap Ritsu the fact that Shigeo abandons his morals right away and fights for his brother even when he couldn’t made me tear up. Ritsu’s breaking point was sweet but more then that they didn’t skimp on the asshole bad guy, he wasn’t just happy to beat up Shigeo and steal away with Ritsu, when Ritsu told him to leave Shigeo alone and just take him he full on told the group he was a ass hole and continued to beat down on Shigeo.

The fight was amazing, it was a sheer display by Shigeo when he finally reached 100% and it was a shame the fight ended fast. I thought it was a little strange that Hanazawa left and was far enough away that when Dimple went to get him they missed the end of the fight. It does though mean that we have a rescue team made up of Shigeo, Hanazawa and Dimple which will be interesting.

Reigen was seen briefly to add a little comedy to the events, wondering where Shigeo is, but at the same time I feel like he and the comedy aren’t really needed. The ever changing animation styles as well as Shigeo when he isn’t being overcome with power are charming enough to break up all the drama.

The thing is it isn’t even like it feels like a different anime. Just because its gone from comedy to extremely action filled drama hasn’t changed the feel of the episode. It was still sweet, filled with characters you love to spend time with and feel for when shit goes down. It makes what happened to Ritsu and Shigeo even more annoying because you wanted them to beat this guy instead seeing them arguing and then being beaten up instead of coming together like they should’ve when Ritsu had found his power just makes you angry on their behalf.

As I said. The anime has managed to make me invest my emotions in it better then most animes do.

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