Cheer Danshi : The Dawning of a Bond

Episode 8

Hisashi and Andou seem to be unable to work ย together so it isn’t looking too positive for the Breakers going into their first tournament…

It really doesn’t look good half way through the episode when Hisashi leaves the team.

I said in the last blog that I didn’t think they’d be able to tackle this well and end the story properly in this episode and I feel it did in the end fall on a few cliched character moments but on the whole it wasn’t too bad.

Personally just having Hisashi being unable to get his feelings across would have been enough. I was fully behind him in episode 7, I understood what he stood for and his inability to communicate with the team without getting angry. These things just got worse in this episode with more real life things getting in the way of practise. I like how it didn’t rest on Andou apologising but I feel like they missed a good moment to reflect on how they could incorporate everyone’s vision into one. Whilst it was nice to see that regardless of how harsh he can be he’s actually extremely patient one-on-one there needed to be a moment where it was said to him that he needs to be part of the team. He’s now proven that he knows what he’s talking about and how much he cares for the team as he tells Tonno everything he thinks people are strong and weak at and could be so much more help but instead of them talking about it they kind of just bent to his will.

The whole “I wanted to be on Sparks but failed” thing wasn’t needed. He could have easily have not had that and it would have worked.

Something else that the anime stumbled with was putting both the dramatic conclusion of Hisashi and his moodiness in tandem with Kazu and his grandmother.

Whilst Hisashi tells Haru that he’s leaving Breakers at the same time Kazu is confronted by a small group of his team mates and not angrily but uncomfortably tells them not to come back.

The fact that those emotions he obviously was feeling kinda disappeared not to be talked about in a episode that kinda needed to be focused on Hisashi ruined the middle part of the episode.

It was nice seeing them working together nearer the end but I kinda wish that their time over the New Year was a episode in itself. I know they focused on training but I wouldn’t have minded a episode where we got to see them train and spend time helping each other. Again it feels like the end was just a rush to get them to where they need to be for the qualifiers so they can rush the qualifiers and get to the finals.

I really like Hisashi though, regardless of how much of a big mouth he is. Its nice that someone is willing to speak their mind though I feel the coach herself needed to step in at one point with him too. It was so obvious that he was going to do the broccoli joke after Andou at the end though, it would be nice to see them two become good friends now that the ice is broken between them.


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