Cheer Danshi!! : Strain

Episode 7

We have the whole group together now with a proper coach, we just have to see if they are able to pull together to pass the qualifiers in a few months time.

I singled out Hisashi last episode as being a problem in the making and it didn’t take long for his abrasive personality to shine through.

My problem right now is that we’re on episode 7 of 12. We’ve got to love the main cast and now we’re diving into the life of some of the new characters.

So in this episode Hisashi clashes with EVERYONE.

He doesn’t like that the flyers don’t get to training before everyone else to stretch, he draws up training plans for Sakuma and Andou when both fail to be able to perfect handstands and carries on bitching at them later in the episode when Sakuma nearly has it perfected, he manages to get a fine system in place if you’re late, constantly berates people for having to go to work, being kept back by teachers or for what they are eating and even when you think that they’ve mended the bridge and made him chill a little he then has a go at a over heard conversation that had nothing to do with him before storming out of the Christmas party completely ruining it for everyone.

Before I say anything else I understand his frustration.

Give the man credit, he’s 100% focused on beating Dreams and Sparks. He’s putting his everything into it and it must piss him off when others don’t even seem to be putting 50% into it. Especially Andou. Whilst others have jobs and Takuya and Takumi seem to have something else going on in the background too, Andou is the joker of the pack. He gets places late for no reason and doesn’t even take the fine system seriously, he brings them food and tries to waylay practise to eat it hot when he’s already late. He has a right to be just a little bit pissed at the situation.

Whilst I thought it was sweet they tried to defuse it all by having a Christmas party they also made it worse.

Personally for me I think the best way to tackle this is to come together as a group.

He’s right on some fronts and too harsh on others. His personality isn’t a good one to have in a group and therefore people don’t want to listen to him but what he has to say is something that needs to be said at times.

Its up to Kazu to sort this out though.

They do need to make sure people aren’t clashing at least the gym practise sessions with their jobs as much as possible. Whilst Hisashi got angry Kazu should probably ask people nicely to know their rotas so they can work practise around a little.

Practise sessions not with their Β coach do need to be more structured but also people struggling do need to be helped. Its no good Hisashi saying if they do what he tells them they’ll be able to do it, it isn’t even a lack of muscle from them. If you aren’t used to doing handstands they can be a bugger to do until you are used to it. The opening episodes saw that just persistence and positive attitudes from those helping you is what is needed. I don’t get why Sakuma seemingly has been left to practise handstands on his own when some of the guys could help him in their spare time or even at the beginning of the practise sessions.

Kazu also needs to stand up for the group to Hisashi.

If Hisashi has ideas for practise sessions then he should be able to go to Kazu and Kazu then has to implement them. He needs to be talking to people who constantly have to leave earlier and find out if there is something they can do to help. Whilst Hisashi is worried about them not getting a routine together in time for the qualifiers everyone else seems happy enough to just do whatever.

If anything I personally feel the person to blame for the blow out by the end of the episode was Kazu who didn’t take a leadership role and step in to calm it down.

The episode was really good. The team dynamics were completely shattered and it was nice seeing them on their back foot whilst not having the main problem being the qualifiers themselves. Whilst a lot of drama can be had of not getting a routine in time for something I think its nice to have the drama come from the difference of opinion within the team itself.

Its also a great way to learn a little more about the members who just kind of suddenly appeared. Whilst we won’t get to know them as well as the others its nice to have a look at their personalities and how they cope with the way they are currently being talked at by another member of the team.

I kinda want the series to end with the qualifier itself, kinda want there to be a second series where they go into the actual big tournament instead of now rushing all that. It was my main problem with Prince of Stride that everything built up to be dramatic and in the end kind of sizzled out. The last episode of that felt like the biggest disappointment because you had watched them work hard and the ending was kinda mute.

Really can’t see them finishing even just this one part of the story off neatly enough to finish the series off without being slightly disappointing!

Though also have to give the episode big props. When everything went wrong at the Christmas party I thought it was going to end cheaply with Hisashi changing his mind because something so strange yet funny happened but actually he didn’t he walked out even more pissed off. I liked that ending even if it made me angry at Hisashi for ruining the party!


3 thoughts on “Cheer Danshi!! : Strain”

  1. I actually felt bad for Hisashi because he’s a victim of current story trends where serious people are clearly needing to lighten up. The fact that no one else on the team is expressing annoyance at people who aren’t committed is odd.
    Though, you are right in that Kazu needed to step up as the captain and just hasn’t.
    THanks for sharing.

    1. Fully agree with that! Hisashi doesn’t need to lighten up he just needs to learn how to relay what he says to people better and that is where Kazu really didn’t help! Kazu’s strength is being a people person so he should have seen that Hisashi was getting annoyed but was telling the truth and relayed that message in a way that others would listen without getting offended. Being someone who struggles to get my point across in social situations without sounding bossy or something I felt for Hisashi because it can then become more annoying knowing that if you could just get your point across better people would listen. They proved that in the next episode when he relaxed around Toono and he was able to get across his point better, Andou just rubbed him up the wrong way and most of the time on purpose!

      I like Hisashi and couldn’t believe people online didn’t see that his heart was in the right place!

      1. As I said, victim of current trends. Being serious is somehow a horrendous crime and we all just need to ‘lighten up’ even if that doesn’t actually produce results. Sorry, I’m a pretty terrible communicator myself and I think I saw a little too much of myself in Hisashi.

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