Berserk : Hell’s Angells

Episode 10

“Herusu Enjerusu” (ヘルス·エンジェルス)

The last episode was a real turn around for me, everything about it was exciting. This time out Guts has to fight those Hell’s Angels and hope for Casca’s sake he wins.

I loved the fight scene. It was over faster then I’d hoped for as I quite liked the bird mask guy, in fact the whole story with them guys is just sad so it was even more sad seeing their demise. They nearly had Guts though and made him pull out his new weapon, the cannon in his hand.

Jerome like Isidro before him is man crushing over Guts which makes the episode odd.

You see I like comic relief and Puck, Isidro and Jerome do it quite well, but for the whole fight Jerome just kinda stood there watching. I don’t mind it but it was pointless, it distracted from everything around it. Whilst Isidro and Puck attacked and ended up hanging onto Mozgus but being important to the plot and not really distracting from it there was no point in moving to focus on Jerome, he wasn’t even doing much to save Nina.

In fact other then Isidro they were all a bit useless. Serpico showed up at the last minute to save Farnese but he must have been around the whole time we just didn’t see him. Farnese was too busy in a world of her own, Nina was shitting herself in a corner and Jerome was crushing over Guts. They might not be able to do much but you’d think that at least Jerome would have done something to get the girls out of harms way or at least Serpico would have shown up and done something before he did. I was kinda hoping he’d come and help Guts, obviously he wouldn’t be able to do much but when it looked like Guts had lost I was hoping he’d show up and cut the chains or something. Then again does he even have a sword anymore to do it?

Either way things then started to happen all of a sudden.

Luca had been kidnapped by what turned out to be the Egg of the New World. He only kidnapped her to talk to her, it seems that he had been a nobody that had no one to talk to and no one cared for him, he lived in a pit at the foot of the tower and got buried by dead bodies when he was saved by angels and made into a egg so that his wish to help create the new world would come true. It was a real sad story and I think Luca was the right person to hear it and see what she did and talk to the Skull Knight because of all people she’s caring. Seeing all these tortured souls and what they become will do nothing but help her kindness. The Skull Knight is determined to save her, and that’s a good thing seeing that the man eating blood blob is on the move and bigger then ever.

It destroys the foundation of the Tower of Conviction, or in all the madness it could have been Mozgus but I think it was being destroyed before Mozgus made his move.

The whole refugee camp was being burnt to the ground and crazy stuff happening.

It was all go and actually very well realised for a anime with such poor animation most of the rest of the time. In fact they didn’t miss a beat with anything in this episode.

Whilst Guts and crew are stuck on the Tower, Mozgus is able to calm everyone down. How? Well the guy just showed up with wings so telling the world that he’s going to burn the witch that started it all and therefore save them all means the whole world calms down for their favourite hobby of burning a witch. Before Guts can save Casca he has to get through the man eating blob which has already eaten the four angels he’s taken out. The words of the Skull Knight echo in his head….

So many people dying yet the one person who deserves to die is still there moaning. Yes I am fully on the feed Nina to whatever horrible beasts there are, heck why not burn her as a witch instead? Other then that horrid excuse of a human still being alive I’m happy so far everyone else is alive and well.

Another really strong episode going into what must be the final battle with Mozgus soon and the beginning of what terrible fate awaits.

If I’m honest I loved that there were so many quiet moments in the episode with Luca just listening to the egg talk. I don’t know why it was so soothing to enter into such over the top scenes later by starting with a sad story but it really made the whole tone of the episode one of sadness and not all over the place drama. It reminded you that in amongst the chaos were a lot of scared people, people are all flawed and these are at the bottom of the food chain and horrible things are happening to them for no reason. It was kind of the calm before the storm.

The fight scene in this episode were amazing and the blood blob is one of my favourite animations of the whole show.

As the first episode since the beginning that I’ve watched on the day I’m annoyed I picked this one because I want to see the next episode right now.


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