Berserk : Blood Flow of the Dead

Episode 9

Mouja no Ketsuryuu (亡者の血流)

Casca and Nina are in trouble and Guts, Luca and Isidro are on their way to save them. A episode that promises to be dramatic in so many ways.

I have had my ups and downs with this series, whilst I love the story its been off putting at times too. This episode though was really something else.

It let you catch your breath first. After all the action and so on in the last episode it starts up with Farnese being told she’s being sent away from the Tower of Conviction, not only is she being sent away but she’s being sent away from the Holy Chain Knights who shall be staying at the Tower. Of course she’s upset by this and takes it out on Serpico before heading to say goodbye to Mozgus.

Just so happens when she’s down with Mozgus she witnesses something that will make her change her mind on what she’s doing I think.

Nina held up for one tiny little bit of torture before spilling her guts so by the time Farnese is in the torture chamber Casca is being led there as the Priestess of the heretics. As she’s being forced into a Iron Maiden all hell breaks lose. Literally. As the doors burst open a man eating blob attacks the whole room, made from the spirits of those who died in the torture chamber they eat their way through both torturer and victim alike, swallowing Casca but keeping her alone alive inside of it.

Whilst Farnese and Serpico are running away Guts is able to kidnap Farnese and force her to take him to Casca. Serpico see’s but is then unseen for the rest of the episode.

Guts himself got into the building thanks to Luca, she was going to pay Jerome to let them in but Guts was able to use his speed to get in unseen leaving Isidro and Luca to save Nina, who is beyond saving, from her cell before being cornered by the man eating blob. They then turn and run off towards the chapel just to be hemmed in at both sides.

Suddenly a giant fire ball explodes and we see Apostle Mozgus and his torturers. They’ve seen a miracle and will sacrifice the witch (Casca). Loads of things then happen including Luca falling from the Tower and being saved by the Skull Knight, Guts saving the rest and coming face to face with Mozgus and crew and Jerome freaking out about a fairy being sat on top of Isidro’s head.

So as you can see the episode was full of action and the real turning point of the story.

Up until now you’ve just seen the real pain and horror that other humans can inflict on other humans in the name of god. We now have a situation where those humans inflicting the pain on others have been given power to do even more damage, and the way they have been given it will only further their belief that it is god giving them that power. Mozgus was already a terrifying opponent for anyone but now that he basically believes he’s a angel, and with the power he’s been granted, he’s going to be one tough guy to beat.

Mozgus has been such a interesting character to watch the whole time. It wasn’t till this episode that I was 100% convinced that he truly believed in god, mainly because the guy could just hide behind belief to inflict horrors on others, but this episode showed he truly did believe all the shit he spouted and he believed that he’d be saved. The fact he was saved by a shadowy egg looking thing with tentacles doesn’t really bother him as I doubt he saw it or cared either way. Still feel so sorry for his croonies though, you get to see other members of their group unmasked and see that of course they’d be shunned by the world and the only person who gave them any kind of life is Mozgus. Its a shame its turned out this way.

I’ll talk briefly about Nina too as this episode saw her able to find redemption in herself and failing miserably. As far as I am now concerned if she isn’t killed then she deserves to be dead.

For a start she was hardly tortured at all, she has one booboo on her finger and gave up her friend so they wouldn’t hurt her anymore. Then when she has the chance to show she’s stronger then people think the last thing she thinks before Luca lets go of her and falls to what she had to think was her death, no matter what she said to the Skull Knight, was that she should let go because Luca was too heavy!

So not only does she give up a friend so she won’t be hurt, a friend who isn’t all there, but she’d rather drop the woman who has looked after her, tried to save her life and just came to save her from certain death.

What a absolute horrible character that girl is. She has absolutely no redeeming qualities at all and if she had just listened to Luca in the first place none of this would have happened! Guts would have Casca and be leaving and Nina would slowly be dying as she probably deserves.

Luca gets to see the Skull Knight come face to face with the shadowy egg that hangs around the tower as both made a grab for her and the Skull Knight won it. That should be interesting.

It was just a really good episode though, makes you excited for what is to come and finally the animation has won me over. Or not won me over but I just don’t care anymore. The story is now so good and the characters so interesting I don’t care about the stupid animation at all.

Very good episode.


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