2016 Anime’s so far….

So as you know one or two anime’s have been started and not finished. Unfortunately with life always making challenges for us some get dropped before the end. I personally now have 19 days off of work and even when I go back I’m back down to part time so have time on my hands to finish off any series that we’ve started but not finished.

With that in mind we are leaving it to you guys to tell us what exactly it is you WANT to see finished. So just vote in the poll to tell us which series you want to see us bring to a end on here. We haven’t included Penguindrum as I will be finishing that, as it isn’t something that was being reviewed live it just died when I got very busy and didn’t have time to re-watch a episode that I couldn’t put into words and then got forgotten about.

Let us know what you want us to finish!

Of course if there are others that we haven’t even attempted to watch from this year let us know and we’ll see if we can start up a review on it!


Talk to us!

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