Mob Psycho 100 : Ochimusha ~ Psychic Powers and me ~

Episode 5

Ochimusha: Chounouryoku to Boku (OCHIMUSHA~超能力と僕~)

So Shigeo is about to go face to face with another psychic by the name of Hanazawa Teruki. How will the fight end?


There was a lovely moment right at the beginning when one of the only things Reigen has said rings through Shigeo’s ears. About everyone having their place and the balance having to stay the same so Shigeo can’t use his powers to better others.

Unfortunately once more we saw an explosion from Shigeo as Hanazawa kept pushing and pushing.

Hanazawa is everything that Shigeo isn’t. Rather then realise that he is a nobody he uses his power to force himself to be a somebody. He’s a bully because he’d rather bully people with his power then be bullied and true to himself. He uses his power because if he didn’t then he’d be nothing.

Shigeo is trying to change his life by joining the body improvement club and getting better grades. This is seen as weak to Hanazawa who see’s his powers as a privilege whilst Shigeo see’s it as a weapon that shouldn’t be pointed at anyone.

That difference in personality see’s Shigeo get the crap beaten out of him until he’s knocked unconscious. It also see’s Hanazawa lose his hair when he sends a bunch of knives to attack Shigeo and he throws them back at him in self defence.

What happens when Shigeo is unconscious is enough to blow Hanazawa away, the animation of his explosion as well as the building being destroyed were beautiful and it was also extremely scary. If Shigeo doesn’t protect himself and doesn’t control his emotions then the results could destroy just about everything and everyone. Shigeo is a seriously dangerous dude. When he comes to he is then overcome by sadness and his sadness puts the school back together which is another beautifully animated piece.

In all the fighting the real victim ended up being Dimple who was exorcised by Hanazawa when he tried to save Shigeo getting beaten up after realising he wasn’t going to fight back. I shall miss the little green ball of annoyingness until he pops up again. Hopefully he’ll pop up again!

The episode was awesome and a nice look into what makes Shigeo tick. Best episode so far.

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