Mob Psycho 100 : Exaltation ~I’ve Obtained Loss ~

Episode 7


The anime has slowly started to move to tell the story of Shigeo’s little brother Ritsu and this episode gives us a look at how he’ll react to finding his own powers.

As I said in the last review it seems that strong feelings have opened up Ritsu’s own latent abilities. The guilt and stress he felt working with Kamuro to get Onigawara in trouble exploded much like his brothers.

But whilst his brother has grown up with his power and doesn’t like it much the power has gone straight to Ritsu’s head.

The danger there is that he also lets Dimple inside his head, whilst he’s too weak to actually possess Ritsu he’s strong enough to enter his body and fuel his powers to make him stronger which is dangerous enough.

During the episode Ritsu gets stronger and stronger…

And the more he uses the power the less like Ritsu he is.

Whilst Shigeo completely refuses to use his powers to make his life better or to beat people up Ritsu seems determined to do the opposite. He see’s his powers as a way to “clean up” and stop the people he wants to stop. He’s constantly testing it as well. He’s gone from trying to be a nobody to just not caring. He gets cold and mean spirited and seems to be happy to take the title of the biggest thug around.

Even when Kamuro gives up after the effects of all this brush onto him Ritsu refuses to let him.

Its real scary to see the change as well, the anime went from silly and fun to down right scary and sad very fast. The thing is Ritsu does love his brother and Shigeo adores his little brother and the very last scene when Shigeo walks into the alley and see’s what his brother has done is heartbreaking. The look on his face and the way he said his name were perfect. Shigeo didn’t hide anything from his brother and he just wanted to be like his baby brother, he said what he said because he was proud of him but in this state and with Dimple partly controlling him I don’t know if he’ll understand that.

The moment he shared with Hanazawa as well where he tried to talk him down citing himself as proof that psychic power doesn’t get you anywhere in the long run was a great moment.

All Shigeo did in this episode was break a vase and get taught a very important lesson about con artists.

I can’t wait for the next episode.

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