Mob Psycho 100 : Discord ~ To Become One ~

Episode 6

Fuchouwa: Naru Tame ni (不調和~成るために~)

After a complete melt down in the last episode its time to learn more about Shigeo’s little brother Ritsu…

What we know about him so far is that he’s extremely popular, talented, smart and confident. What he isn’t is psychic.

Ritsu is the polar opposite of Shigeo.

This includes their ideals.

Whilst Shigeo would give anything to be Ritsu, Ritsu would do anything to be Shigeo.

He might just get his wish this episode as well. We see him and his work on the student council, how he oversee’s Onigawara being loud in the hallway around Shigeo and misinterprets it for Onigawara picking on Shigeo. We see how he tries to use his influence to make the school safer for his brother and how when he’s down in the dumps he’s easily led. Whilst the student council leader is very similar to Shigeo the two of them do a lot of damage to Onigawara who had decided to change himself.

The Student Council leader is the same but opposite. Whilst Ritsu is the perfect son and student, he has a perfect brother who he can’t match up to. Ritsu therefore continues to be the odd person out being the only one that has his life in front of him yet would throw it all away to bend a spoon.

Help comes in a mistaken identity situation and by the end of the episode it looks like Ritsu’s power might be held in his emotions. After finally blowing up at the end of the episode he throws a spoon away just for it to be found all twisted up, he also can see Dimple who has returned and was outside the house waiting for Shigeo. Whether or not Ritsu has been possessed or whether he’s awakened some power of his own we’ll have to wait and see but it throws a interesting spanner into the works.

Shigeo himself ends up on a “date” to find more Espers. He did find a disturbing adult esper but he decided against following them or even mentioning them at all. Probably for the best. So far they’ve identified a few weird haircuts but that is about it.

Changing the story to be about Ritsu is so interesting. I want to know whether it is actually weird that his brother hadn’t shown any kind of psychic power when Shigeo is so strong or whether its normal for one sibling to have the power and the other not. If so it will be interesting to find out if Ritsu does have power or if something else is at play. I really loved their relationship to begin with but Ritsu not listening to Shigeo is a little upsetting. At the end of the day his brother is telling him flat out that he’d give his powers away to be more like him and he doesn’t seem to care or even take in the lesson to be learnt. He see’s what his brother does and I’m not sure if he’s angry, upset that he can’t do it or scared. Plus the fact he seems to know that when Shigeo REALLY uses his power it doesn’t really seem to be his brother means he kinda gets what is going on but he seems to ignore that in the quest to get these powers for himself.

Its real sad.

I love the character of Ritsu and hope nothing bad happens to him!

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