Pride Promotions FULL MATCH CARD for September 4th in Plymouth!!

So last night Pro Wrestling Pride announced the full match card for their upcoming Plymouth show…

As you can see the night promises to be a good one just on the poster alone, unfortunately Scotty Essex is no longer with Pro Wrestling Pride but as the match card shows they’ve gone ahead and brought in some new blood…

Some truly great looking matches on there.

We have a re-match between Williams and Jones which is a match I’m looking forward too, big fan of Doug Williams and Danny had a great title match against Eddie Ryan in Penzance so that should be a stellar match.

Mr Massive Chuck Cyrus was absolutely fabulous at PWA’s Heatwave and will no doubt be the stand out of the new guys when he goes up against Grado.

Tiger gets to go one-on-one with Josh Knott after a great triple threat elimination match in Penzance. That one has match of the night written all over it. My niece has already secretly told me as Josh Knotts only fan she has to cheer for him but I’m not allowed to tell Tiger.

The Pride Championship picture got real interesting when Chris Andrews made his statement in Penzance taking out the champion after his match against Danny Jones and already being beat up by Big Grizz. Eddie Ryan has a truly difficult match on his hands.

Main event see’s the Magnums team with someone who couldn’t be further from their personalities as they and Raven take on the Soul Society with the returning Garrett and Sixx. A great match for the Soul Society who have been on the up recently with some great wins and amazing matches.

It should be a great night so everyone who can be in Plymouth for the 4th should get down here. Its in the Guildhall this time out which is a incredible venue.

Tickets can be purchased on Prides website :

For all news on the event check out the Facebook event page :

And obviously give them a follow on Facebook :

Also as I brought one and it came yesterday and was pretty awesome I thought I’d let you all know that if you head over to you can pick up a autographed Ultimo Tiger card.

Expertly modelled by the very proud owner of the card (not me) El Swampadore. It only cost £2.95, came within a week and even though a little frayed at one corner it was in pretty much brilliant condition. There are 8 different wrestlers you can pick from including Zack Sabre Jr and I highly recommend having a look and getting Tigers.

I literally have about £4 in my bank and brought this, either I have a big problem or…. Nah I just have a problem. Go buy it. Come to Plymouth September 4th.


Plus I apologise that I haven’t updated anything properly for a while, its working so much that has killed me once more. I have holiday coming up and going back to my rather measly 14 hours soon so I’ll get it all sorted out in the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Pride Promotions FULL MATCH CARD for September 4th in Plymouth!!”

  1. Happy your card came. You didn’t post anything on Tumblr though. It looks awesome.

    Looks like a great event. Will share the link.

    1. It is pretty awesome. He’s also a pretty awesome dude so you should buy yourself one.

      Cheers mate. I’ve also put a Tumblr post up to. They’ve had problems with posters being pulled down so thought I’d post a bit online for them.

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