Cheer Danshi!! : Re.Start

Episode 6

So there was a recap episode that I don’t think added too much to it, Episode 6 introduces us to brand new members and the start of the team heading towards a goal!

That goal is the national championships. They have three months for the qualifiers and if they pass that they are in.

It isn’t going to be easy though, their new Coach Takagi is going to run them hard and she wasn’t at all impressed with their festival performance. That being said she thinks they’ll surpass Dreams sooner then later and this gives them the hope and determination to try their best.

Whilst also tackling a little bit of Sho’s background the main part of the episode was giving you a glimpse of the new personalities and how they work together. In particular Hisashi, I think, doesn’t seem too happy to know that the team are a long way behind Dream and Sparks and even though Coach seems happy enough that they’ll surpass at least Dreams soon he doesn’t seem happy. He might be a problem but I doubt it.

What I loved though was the main core group that we grew to know and love seem to still stick together and we get to see them together most of the show. As much as I’m interested in knowing the rest of the group the bigger it gets the harder it’ll be to give a damn, I think that was half my problem with Haruchika, it tried its hardest to introduce a diverse group and failed to make me care about the core group, not that there ever really was a core group. Cheer Danshi has made me love the core group and I’d be sad if they were watered down because they have such a great relationship. Their moment at the end where Haruki badly tries to make a Judo metaphor was priceless and I just love their bond. In some ways I feel sad that we need the extra people to see them progress at all.

We finally learn what happened to Sho and its worse then him getting a injury.

Showing that Cheerleading is a lot more tough then people think it shows that he accidentally dropped the girl he was supporting who then injured her back. He feels like he can’t trust himself not to injure someone else so that is why he doesn’t want to do stunts anymore which actually was a really sweet story. I’m pretty sure Haruki’s speech actually was meant to mean that it doesn’t matter if Sho dropped either of them because their Judo training had taught them how to fall even if taken by surprise but it seems to have been taken to mean that they should just believe in themselves more.

Its still just so sweet.

Loved seeing Haruki stick up for himself when the other guys were having a bit of a laugh, I hope we get to see him tell his sister this is what he wants to do in the next few episodes. I can see the three months being rushed through so there is a possibility that it could be at the qualifiers.

The Coach is great and she’s trying to get them all to focus on what they have to do individually not just as a team which is great. Haruki is just determined to get through every routine that he doesn’t realise that he won’t get better until he starts pushing Kazu and Kazu himself won’t get better until he himself is pushed to do so. As the flyers they really need to up the game so it’ll be fun to see Haruki trying to surpass Kazu.

Interesting meeting the new members, none really stand out for a good reason. Two seem to be there just to support the third in his strange life, the two brothers are basically one person, the little one is pretty cool and hope we see more of him though his random crush on Kazu is strange, you have Hisashi who I think is going to be the negative nelly of the group and then Andou who is a bit of a joker so might end up forcing comedy into the show that we’ve already got subtly (or not so subtly at times) with the main core group.

I’ll have to wait and see though as my worries might be blown away within seconds of the next episode.

It really was a re-start.


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