Berserk : The Black Witch

Episode 7

Kuroki Majou (黒き魔女)

As with nearly every episode so much shit went down in the episode before its hard to explain in short or even guess what will happen next.

Big trouble is on its way… As always.

So we start by seeing the aftermath of what happened to the girls.

Casca is now seen as a Black Witch by the Pagans who are showering her with gifts making Luca and her group look suspicious, suddenly one of them is even captured by the heretic hunters.

This whole scene would have been so much better with better animation, the whole confrontation between Nina and Luca, though short, was devoid of any importance because whilst Luca isn’t too badly realised Nina again just stares at her with big blank eyes whilst being all emotional… Just not that emotional.

I’ll give the episode one thing, it was the episode where everything came together.

Guts isn’t a boring character but when you aren’t going to animate him or his chopping things in half properly then he can become bland. Sticking him with Puck makes it funny but as Guts half the time monologues to himself and Puck makes witty comments it grows old fast. Puck spent the majority of this series being the eyes for newcomers to Berserk so there hasn’t been much there. Throw in Isidro and Luca though and the team suddenly becomes the most charismatic and interesting one you’ll find.

Some people don’t like the comic relief but I feel its kind of needed to break up the monotony that really is, and I can’t say it enough obviously, brought on by the poorly animated episodes. So far the only thing I’ve really been interested in is Farnese and that side of the story because the ugliness behind everything is brought out so well. Guts and his quest have dragged because whenever anything DOES happen it might as well not have happened. Puck introducing Isidro and Guts as his property was funny, Isidro talking to Luca and fangirling over Guts was funny and it made the scene that more intense that you have Guts killing people and being all doom, gloom and threatening then these two little morons on the side lines.

Even when Nina cries you don’t care and this episode she goes one further in her stupidity.

If it wasn’t bad enough she drags and then attempts to kill her boyfriend at a pagan orgy, she’s constantly talking about abandoning Casca and then decides to run off with her anyway! Absolutely stupid and pointless and they end up running into the Pagans who kidnap them.

JUST as Guts thinks he’s found Casca the stupidity of Nina means he’s got to go find her but it is Isidro that actually finds her and follows that Pagans.

What it does lead to is a epic get together. As the Pagans are taken over and the Knights come in to stop them the Goat God gets turned into a REAL Goat God and its Guts to the rescue.

Moments like this get you real excited for what is going on but they are far and few between. Watching Isidro trying to save the girls was great, it gave so much to his character other then being random comic relief character #2 in such a short space of time, it also proved that he was more then brave enough to join Guts on his quest.

Its brought three warring factions, for lack of better terminology at this moment, face to face and is going to bring out the best and worst of people.

The Knights who are after heretics and the black swordsman. Guts who is after Casca. Then the possessed Pagans who are trying to eat everyone and now have a giant goat on their side.

Its explosive and dramatic and the best thing to happen in a whole load of episodes.

Farnese has already faltered as a leader in this battle, let alone through the whole series so far, she’s now in a panic about what happened to her before and all she see’s before her is the black Swordsman. She’s being saved at this moment by Serpico and Azan who both have their wits about them. Something she certainly doesn’t have. Guts is doing slightly better in that he’s got Nina and Isidro to help him secure Casca and other then one small slip against the Goat that wants to consummate with Casca (I mean honestly, what is it with these things and wanting to rape Casca?!) he’s doing a good job.

Goat boy on the other hand has one hell of a battle now that his snake has been cut off. Poor Goat.

The episode was all build up though for next episode which should be a great one.


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