Berserk : Reunion in the Den of Evil

Episode 8

Makutsu no Saikai (魔窟の再会)

So there was a goat and Farnese is losing her shit and then Guts showed up. Episode 7 was a whirlwind which is going to come to some sort of a end… Or middle… Or at least end this specific whirlwind and introduce us to a new one… Kinda…

A very action packed yet straight forward episode.

Guts has a fight with the Goat which really is just to show off his new toys. The Goat actually had the better of him through most of the fight and I’m not sure why Guts persisted with the arrows after he only hit him once in nearly a minute of shooting at him. The little bombs he has worked well though and of course in the end Guts comes out the victor..

His real battle in this episode was against Serpico who might not have the advantage like the Goat did and might in reality not be able to beat him but uses his brain to not only get in front of Guts in a situation that Guts can’t get his sword out but puts him on the back foot completely. The brief encounter they had showed off every skill that Serpico possess as well as a shit ton of personality. We already know he’s trying his best to protect Farnese, he talks as though he’d rather not hurt anyone, something he was babbling on about the first time we saw him, his fighting style is fast and he tries to stop his opponents from being able to unsheath their sword, something that didn’t really matter as Guts couldn’t use it either. We learn he’s fast on the uptake and after seeing Guts use the bomb once was able to figure out how it worked and pick pocketed Guts in a instant. The man is like the greatest character in Berserk.

He is very similar to Guts just without the brand and all that. He is one track minded on keeping Farnese safe and actually extremely skilled he just doesn’t have the power of Guts. His past might not be as traumatic like Guts but he seems to have had a traumatic one nonetheless.

Isidro is tasked with keeping Casca and Nina safe, something he does wonderfully until Joachim stumbles on where they are lowering themselves down off a cliff face. Obviously after she tried to kill him Joachim is fast to tell the guards where they are and Casca lets herself down to help Nina instead of leaving her be, Isidro attempts to follow suit but gets himself tangled in the ropes meaning that Nina and Casca are led away as heretics whilst Isidro is left to face the wraith of Guts.

I’m happy that Guts didn’t hurt Isidro as the kid did well to protect the girls as long as he could.Now they team up with Luca to infiltrate the Tower of Conviction and save them both.

Inside and Nina is seeing Karma bite her in the ass. Her poor attitude is called out by the torturer who calls her a coward for letting Casca be taken away, she then goes on about how she wants to live because she’s dying soon and wants to be brave like Luca but that ain’t going to happen. Thankfully that looks like the end of Nina and even if she spills her guts about Casca being a witch then Guts is on hand already to save the day.

As I said one whirlwind ends and another begins.

Really enjoyed the episode actually and for a change even the animation didn’t get on my nerves. Next episode is going to be even more dramatic as Guts infiltrates the Tower of Conviction.


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