Pride Promotions : Return to Penzance

After a successful trip to Penzance for Pride & Glory Pride returned with a packed line up…

Just… It didn’t quite work out the way they planned and all the big name superstars got stuck up in Milton Keynes or some such place and Pride had to change it all up. These things happen.

(Warning : I do apologise if certain things don’t make sense. I did my final edit at 2am after hardly getting any sleep anyway after the event so if I’ve changed things and it makes no sense I’m sorry…)

Two amendments. Happily I’ve been told no one did leave the show which is always a big positive and happy to hear it as it was a brilliant evening!

Secondly, I am a bear of small brains, and I don’t even know what I was writing (as I said above in the original warning) in no way WHATSOEVER did I mean I was upset I was going to CPW in October and not Pride. I’m sad I won’t see Pride’s wrestlers of course because I love them but I am over the moon that my personal issues have subsided and I will be going to CPW/LEP’s Super Show. I apologise completely for the poor wording and any upset it may have caused as it honestly wasn’t how I feel and I’m just a idiot plain and simple.


We started the night with the big announcement that Sami Callihan, Jessica Havoc and S0Cal Val were not able to make it this obviously meant that the main event, Ultimo Tiger vs Sami Callihan wasn’t happening so Tiger got the night off.

Of course not only were the fans not happy with that Tiger himself wasn’t happy with it and he was challenged not only by Scotty Essex and Josh Knott who both wanted to face him for his Catch Division Trophy. Tiger being a fighting champion decided he’d take on both of them in the main event and a epic main event was born.

What a wonderful name for a story as well. Ultimo Tigers Big Night Out.

Thought the in ring talking stuff was really good. It was nice to have a bit of a build up to the match instead of just having the match plus Scotty and Josh are great on the mic. It was fun listening to them acting like little children squabbling over who gets to face Tiger in the main event, Josh talking about being in the spotlight then stamping over to the spotlight to pose was the icing on the cake. Tiger just chilling in the corner letting them spout nonsense was my favourite thing and Scotty doesn’t need to open his mouth because the posing is good enough. I’d actually like to see them three bickering amongst each other more often, it would be a great little group to fight for the Catch Division Trophy for a few shows. Then again they are three of my favourites anyway!

Winner : Chris Andrews

You see this is a match that would have gained something by being the final match of the first half and having Grizzly come out and throw a hissy fit that he wants to fight Eddie Ryan just for Andrews to come down and shut his face. Instead it just happened, which was OK because the match was brilliant, but it would have made sense with events that happened later in the night.

I loved when Eddie Ryan went to war with Big Grizzly, I always love watching them two square off against each other but Chris Andrews is something different. He’s the only guy, bar Lomaxx, who looks like he could stand toe to toe with Grizz and beat him on pure strength. It was such a great match up for the first match of the night and was kind of a statement from Pride that they were taking the night seriously. After the disappointment fans were feeling it was a needed boost for them and showed they meant business.

So did Chris Andrews who gave as good as he got. Grizz used his weight advantage to ground Andrews but it was a real battle between the two of them. Its not every day you see Grizz being chucked around like he weighed nothing and he also had no chance to keep Andrews down.

To be honest when I found out at the end of the night that some people apparently walked out in the interval I was surprised because if they sat through this match and didn’t think that it was worth staying then its sad. Andrews and Grizz is main event material any time and this was no different, it was like when Grizz faced Ryan for the belt in the first match last time they were down here, opening up with a top quality match like this to set the night off well. I loved the match and you couldn’t help but get right behind Andrews the whole match through. Grizz is great at getting the crowd to boo him even if, like me, you support him you can’t help but want to boo him because his reactions are priceless and you know he’s going to beat whoever he’s up against up even worse. It was such a great clash and started the night off so well.

For me I was already hooked on the night. Grizz and Andrews are top quality guys and they produced a honestly amazing match. Great opening bout.

Winner : House of Bones

From the moment that House of Bones won the championship all I’ve wanted is them vs the Magnums and we got that match tonight. I mean sure the full House of Bones vs The Magnums & Swoggle was a great match but this was something else.

I don’t think I’ve hidden the fact that I love the Magnums but they really are just such a great team. Honestly Dick Riley is the most fascinating wrestler, the guy goes from stamping the hell out of his opponent to flying across the ring and Chris Walker manages to make everything look easy whilst making everyone laugh. They work so well together and even better is that they work perfectly against House of Bones. The reason House of Bones work isn’t so much that they work as one but their size advantage over just about anyone means that they are one tough team to beat.

Whilst the Magnums changed up the pace constantly to try to shake up Lomaxx and Gideon the second one of House of Bones got their hands on a Magnum they were just thrown right back into their corner away from their team mate.You do have to give the Magnums a lot of credit for doing their best to dethrone House of Bones, in the end it wasn’t their talent or their overall strength that beat the Magnums it was powder to the face.

Great ending to the match though.

All four of these guys were crazy though. One moment they are trying to kill each other and the next Lomaxx is complaining about hair pulling or Dick Riley is pulling someone’s nose. I was too busy laughing at Lomaxx and Gideon wiggling and the look on Walkers face when he double low belowed them that I didn’t even get a photo of it all. Pretty sure that I got a photo at some point that I deleted of Riley flying through the air once more.

Still think Lomaxx is one of the best wrestlers in Pride. The guy is amazing. I honestly just want to see him take on Ryan for the belt at some point. He kicked ass.

Winner : No Contest

Felt like it was a weird match up really. Not sure why out of everyone they put Danny Jones in the championship match, not that he’s bad but it was just a strange match up.

It was a slow match, we got to see a different side to Jones then we’ve seen before, or at least I have seen. He really did match Ryan for technical ability and heart but Ryan had him when it came to physical strength.

Never really been a fan of Jones but I’ve been enjoying seeing him more recently and he had some really good moments nearer the end of the match. Really honestly believed he’d beat Ryan, even though I knew he wouldn’t, and think it was fair that he got a No Contest instead of losing outright. I kind of feel like he needed to pick up the pace a little instead of fighting at Eddie Ryan’s pace because quite a bit of the match went in his favour but he was never going to keep up with Ryan. Feel like if he gets one or two big wins he could use this No Contest to get a re-match in a few shows time which would be nice but they need to build him up a little.

Eddie Ryan was as magnificent as always. Guy is seriously the perfect champion. After the title picture was held in Grizz’s iron fist for so long its nice to see Ryan hold the belt and treat everyone he faces with respect. Darren said he stepped up but you know he’d face just about anyone and make them look good as well. I think on a night like this a match like this fell flat because you kind of just wanted each match to really hit the very top standard they could. Whereas there didn’t really need to be a build up to Grizz vs Andrews I spent a lot of this match bemused at the match. Have to say though that Danny Jones went right up in my eyes this time out, not everyone can stand toe to toe with a guy like Eddie Ryan. The man is a beast and one of the best at what he does.

The match ended in a No Contest when Grizz came down and pulled the ref out of the ring just as Eddie was going for a win.

Now this was a perfect ending, as I said the No Contest was nice for Danny because he didn’t deserve to lose clean even if he was out matched, it also set up Eddie Ryan vs Chris Andrews perfectly as when Grizz came down and caused mayhem Andrews came down to put a stop to it just to attack Ryan afterwards and be left holding the belt over Ryan. Lots of people were wondering how they’d play the match in Plymouth and I think giving a little bit of bad blood between the two with this incident was good. Ryan said he understands that championship gold can make people do funny things and its starting to look like this match is going to blow everything away in Plymouth on September 4th.

Still… Not what I expected but have to give them credit for making it work.

Winner : Sierra Loxton

I’ll start by saying that I’m a huge fan of intergender matches. Being non-binary I don’t feel like anyone should be stopped from doing anything just based on gender. If a male wrestler and a female wrestler want to fight against each other why the hell not?

Unfortunately I don’t think the match worked.

Not saying anything negative about Joe or Sierra. I think Joe is awesome and really liked Sierra but it didn’t work. Messenger was too serious, Loxton was more entertaining and it just failed to entertain. It was the only match that REALLY felt like the left overs of the shuffle in schedule, with Jessica Havoc meant to be at the show you can only feel that there was going to be a female match or else a intergender tag match with Messenger and Havoc against Jones and Loxton. As it was if I thought Ryan vs Jones was a mismatch then these two were seriously up against it.

I know that Sierra seems to be here to stay for the women’s division at the moment in Pride and I’m happy with that because the woman is amazing. I haven’t seen many women matches this year but out of the ones I’ve seen she’s been the most impressive. I mean even if its in another intergender match I can’t wait to see her again because she’s good.

If I’m honest though I lost interest. I don’t think it should have been the penultimate match as it killed some of the momentum the match before the interval had built up. Even if the match was weak the ending to it was great then you went to interval and ended up with this match.

Sierra and Joe are great though. Greatest celebration I’ve seen is Sierra with a can of diet coke parading around the ring. Strange but brilliant. That girl is going to kick ass all over Pride.

Winner : Ultimo Tiger

So the main event was meant to be Sami Callihan vs Ultimo Tiger in another show stopping, amazing match featuring the very best Pride has to offer.

Yeah you read that right I’ve placed Tiger higher then Eddie Ryan for a change. Sue me.

Instead we got Essex, Knott and Tiger in a elimination style match for the Catch Division Championship. Anyone who walked out before this match missed one of the best matches you’ll see all year. These three are so good that I honestly left not caring that the big stars didn’t show up because we got THIS match.

It probably shouldn’t have worked either. With Scotty still injured the burden of the match really fell on Knott and Tiger with Scotty coming in here and there to help out Knott take down Tiger. There was a lot of posing going on from Scotty which he managed to make work so well, it didn’t distract from the match at all it just seemed to be the natural thing for him to be doing at any given time.

Tiger and Knott though really were amazing. They beat the crap out of each other. Of course Tiger no matter how much he fought was stuck between two people for half the match, when Knott eliminated Scotty (and Scotty got shoved by Ed Dyer) they were left to really go at it.

So I kinda wrote the majority of this matches review at work before I ended up talking to Tiger on Twitter. I take back everything I am about to say but I’ll say it anyway seeing I spent time working on it. This match truly brought out my inner child and its mainly down to Tiger who is my favourite wrestler to watch. Sure I love Scotty and Eddie but Tiger is so exciting he doesn’t even look real at times (he can’t pose to save his life though) and he’s maddeningly good. The super kick delivered to Josh Knott right in front of me was amazing and later on he delivered a 619 to Knott again right in front of me which was just crazy. Honestly I thought someone wanted him dead when they came up with the idea to put him in a street fight against Bram but he crushed Bram and now he just looks unstoppable. I mean jumping off the high raised bar area onto Knott was a thing of beauty, he didn’t put a foot wrong then or all night (including the promo at the beginning in the ring) and made it all look so easy. The amount of confidence he has in himself to just do that as well as the confidence Knott had to land it right is awe inspiring, specially as the area he was jumping into was full of bodies. Those two were just something else and I’d love to see just those two in a no-DQ match.

I say it every time but just when you think Tiger can’t impress you anymore he goes out and raises the bar even higher and makes it look stupidly easy.

Scotty Essex isn’t a idiot though. I might support Tiger every single time but he needs to learn that Scotty ain’t no idiot. Still love Tiger though.

A match with Tiger and Callihan would have been amazing but to be honest I would take these three in a match over Tiger/Callihan any day. It was the perfect replacement match with three amazing guys. Personally this made up for everything.


Wasn’t that impressed with the Meet & Greet. They sat the wrestlers around big round tables that I think I had problems with when Carlito and Shelton Benjamin were sat around them last time so your poster basically got shoved around a table. Not that I ever really talk to any of the wrestlers so I’m not sure why I’m complaining but it just made it feel like it wasn’t that important.

The guys are all great though, I probably completely ignored some of them because I couldn’t hear  a damn thing with the background noise (I’m partially deaf and usually can’t hear someone if they shout in my face so its not hard for me to not be able to hear…)

Scotty was great though and I got my 5 selfies with him like I always do. I forgot to bring the Get Well Soon card we had made for him though, gonna have to stuff it in my bag whenever I go to Pride and give it to him even if its after he’s fully healthy again. The man must meet hundreds of people at every show yet he manages to make everyone feel like they are his best friend. I can never have enough praise for him, he’s the absolute best.

Also got a photo with Tiger in which you can see he can’t pose. I only guessed what he was saying to me because I couldn’t hear a word he said. Always a lovely guy to meet though.

I will say this though. Pride have the most beautiful posters and this one is my joint favourite with the Teignmouth one. I mean look at them! They are gawjus! Always so happy to get a poster from them, love their posters.


So I don’t really like the Ritz much anyway and only came down to see Callihan/Tiger as I’m a huge fan of both. Disappointed obviously that it didn’t happen but they made up for it. Wouldn’t go down to Penzance again though unless something huge is announced (and they usually announce something huge.) It just smells of old building and damp and I work with old furniture in my daily life and its a smell I never get used to.

The crap that happened to Pride tonight is something you just can’t ever imagine. Its different from when you have one guest, like Ultimate Prizefighters, who doesn’t show up so you have to shift around a single problem. It isn’t even, and this is no disrespect to them, one of the regular British wrestlers who a lot of people didn’t come to see and would be easily replaced. It was every single guest they had on the list.

Of course that meant that there were a lot of upset, disappointed or angry people.

When you say you have Sami Callihan on a show you’ll get Sami fans coming with no real interest in the rest of the card so obviously some people just didn’t care about the show after they knew they weren’t coming.

Whilst I understand the disappointment I don’t get walking out. Specially in the more expensive seats. Pride, like all wrestling companies do and have to, cover themselves saying that the card is subject to change as you just can’t promise 100% anything. If you don’t know Pride then you won’t know that they deliver on nearly every promise they make and when they don’t they make up for it and its never something they’ve broken just something out of their control gone wrong. Just because a guest start didn’t show up to Ultimate Prizefighters didn’t mean the night was bust they upped the game. This time out there was nothing they could do because the car breaking down happened hours before the show so they did something they didn’t have to do and offered free tickets to any of their upcoming shows. Of course being in Penzance I guess a lot of people there lived local so might not be able to get to any of their other shows easily, we personally have tickets for Heroes & Legends later in the year but they didn’t have to do that.

Was the night the best?

No. I was grumpy anyway because I had to travel a long distance, its always a big problem for Penzance and Taunton, my wisdom tooth was bugging me and then the reason I came down was cancelled. Half the matches were great and two of them really honestly are two of the best matches Pride have put on all year. All the regular guys, whilst I say they can be easily replaced in a situation where fans come to see someone like Callihan, put on one hell of a show and deserve a lot of respect for it. Even with two amazing matches, a extremely brilliant tag team match, one OK-ish championship match and one meh match on the card Pride did all they could to give you value for money.

For that I applaud them.

Stuff happens and you just have to deal with it.

PWA had a big match a while back against their champion Tyler Hawke and Eddie Ryan, Hawke got injured the night before and the night felt mix-matched and lackluster. Pride booked this better, whether they just had a plan B to fall back on or whatever they really played to the strengths they had on hand. You can’t ask for more.

Well obviously some people were asking for more and I’m disappointed in Darren Saviour not being able to teleport people. Shame on Darren obviously.

Looking at the night though, it was worth every penny.

Andrews vs Grizzly is one of my favourite matches and the two of them totally kicked ass. You can’t go wrong with them two and as I said it was a statement from Pride that they weren’t going to give up just because something went wrong.

I’ve already said I’d have probably played it differently. Think Loxton/Jones would have been a awesome match as they both have similar energy and it would have been a fun match whilst Messenger/Ryan would have had a different feeling to it then Ryan/Jones had and probably would have suited Messenger better. I’d have also had the intergender match second in between Andrews/Grizzly and Ryan/Messenger with the tag team match coming before the main event, the Magnums get everyone involved and hyped up and the momentum going into a match with two heels against someone like Tiger after House of Bones cheated the match before would have been cool. Easy for me to say that though I didn’t have to make a decision and usually I’m wrong so no one should listen to me even if I did have a say in any decision making ever.

Pride have some of the best professionals you can hope to see in the ring. Everyone stood up and did their best.

The main event was by far match of the night, those three are something else. Tiger was man of the night, rarely is he not, and Scotty is just the greatest human alive.

Kinda sad not to see Keizer, always love to hear him moping about around the place.

As always I feel like it was ran well too. The guys at the front door got everyone inside in a orderly fashion, everyone as always was extremely approachable and friendly, I said I was helpful at CPW holding open a door whilst people were packing the ring into the back of a van well here I gave my chair to help people into the ring for the half time photos, I had no real choice but I’m taking it as a good deed anyway. The Meet and Greet was well organised too and Naomi was lovely giving me advice for my messed up shoulder.

The guys that run the show are just nice people. They make it a personal experience whilst obviously keeping it professional. I don’t envy the job they do at all, its hard work and it isn’t nice when things go wrong and you can’t do anything about it yet you get the blame for it. I know, I work in retail, things go wrong out of my control all the time that I get the blame for. They are all young guys too, Naomi who got the brunt of the anger being the front of the Meet and Greet queue is younger then me. I couldn’t do what she does, I barely function as a human being let alone organise the stuff she does.

I always try and remember to say thank you in my blogs to all the wrestling companies because at the end of the day none of them HAVE to put on shows or get the guys to do Meet & Greets and Pride didn’t HAVE to give away tickets because something bad happened they couldn’t control. I’ve always loved Pride, their wrestlers and their staff, they are a great company.

Really though just thank you to everyone at Pride because they are absolute stars. All the wrestlers are amazing and the staff are great. I enjoyed the night even through the disappointment. Then again I got to meet PJ Black on Wednesday so I personally can’t really complain!

They don’t have Jason King though. That’s probably where they are going wrong. Not enough munchkins.  (As I’m writing this, probably not posting as still need to sort photos and its late and I need to work tomorrow, 365 days as LEP Academy Champion and still going strong! Well done to the King!)

So whilst this might not be the normal ringing endorsement of Pro Wrestling Pride its one blip in a year that has seen how many amazing events? All of which you can get on DVD at their online store. With that in mind their next event is in my home town of Plymouthia at the Guild Hall on September 4th….

Even if the guest stars don’t show up for whatever reason stay till the end. They have the big championship clash when hometown hero Eddie Ryan takes on Chris Andrews to defend his well earned championship. It’ll have Tiger, Grizzly, House of Bones and their two lovely referees as well as a host of other really super talented local guys. Sure it would be great to see Raven and Grado but if suddenly aliens abducted them both (and it’ll be all Darren’s fault, the nasty, horrible person he is of course) you’ll still get more then your money’s worth. Just Eddie Ryan himself coming down to the ring in more then likely his Plymouth Argyle t-shirt is going to be worth the money, Tiger is defo worth it too.

And as always go follow them because they aren’t the devil incarnate….

Facebook :
Twitter :
Website :

For me the next wrestling show I’m going to is LEP/All Stars next week. Going to Pride on the 4th of September and going to CPW/LEP in October for Cody Rhodes.

I feel like the last few weeks I keep saying the same thing over and over. Each of these companies have their strengths and their weaknesses. They might not all like each other but they fill different needs. All the shows I’ve been to recently have been great. None of the guys running it deserve to be hated for something they don’t have control over. All of them put on different but brilliant shows. Pride are very different from the others but they do what they do the best. It was one bad night that they couldn’t control and still managed to put on a memorable and fun night. Disappointment can cloud everyone’s judgement but honestly these guys did their best and I’m thankful for what I got because they didn’t have to give us Tiger/Essex/Knott. I will keep bringing that match up till the day I die too because it was mental.

September 4th is going to be amazing though. The guys and girls behind the scene are going to want to make that one bigger and better then they even had planned after Penzance to make the disappointment a distant memory. All of them are forward thinking people and they no doubt have already bounced back. They never let anything keep them down for long and good for them.

Finally obviously a big thank you to Karla for organising the minibus! Worth every penny and always love travelling with these guys, some real characters in the group and its great to be able to talk in a big group about what we just saw. I’m sorry I didn’t look after Brogan well enough in the Meet & Greet queue! My bad, I kept getting distracted. I’m also sorry for any fuss that caused and anyone who got upset. I raise my hand up to that one.

Well…. Finally finally… Photos…


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