Mob Psycho 100 : Idiots Only Event ~Kin~

Episode 4


Why do I feel a event just for idiots is the perfect setting for Mob? What he gets up to this episode who knows!

We get to learn even more about Mob in this episode.

Dimple is now following him around, as far as Mob knows just because he doesn’t want to disappear, but in reality its so that he’s close by and can gather intel so he can possess him and his abilities. Dimple gives us a bit of a run down on Mob as we go, not that we didn’t know it anyway.

Mob is a simple young man. He has a crush on a girl that once gave him attention then turned that attention to other people. He wants to be muscluar to win her back. He doesn’t really know the extent of his abilities but is determined not to use them against innocent people. He’s also easily led and wishes to be popular so will believe just about anything.

We then meet Teru, the complete opposite of Mob.

He’s popular, he uses his power to be so. He’s the strongest in his school therefore becomes more popular. He’s arrogant and intimidating. He’s smarter then Mob but maybe that is more down to arrogance then intelligence, a lot of Mobs problems is that he’s too trusting and too innocent.

Most of the episode was centred around their Mobs high school delinquents starting fights with Teru’s which ended with Mobs trying to get the Body Improvement Club involved and ended up with Mob kidnapped. When the Body Improvement Club come to save him they are beaten by Teru and we’re left with a cliffhanger of Teru and Mob facing off against each other for next week.

Two different philosophy clashing. It’ll be interesting to see what happens though I have a feeling that it’ll be strength that wins over. I kinda want Teru to win because Mob is slightly a pacifist so it would make sense for him to not want to fight.We’ll see.

The theme of the episode was what can be done with a power like Mobs.

Whether its due to him not wanting to use it or indeed unable to fathom the power he has he won’t use it to better himself.

His brother, who has all the qualities that Mob wants, wants to have that power and be equal to his brother. He’s not sure what the point of being popular is if you can’t use psychic abilities, much like Mob doesn’t see the point in his psychic powers if he can’t be popular.

A moment lost really in the episode, the talk the two brothers had walking to school should have shown Mobs brother that he was the doorway into a world that Mob wants in at so maybe he could help him and gain a better understanding of what Mob does.

I have a feeling no matter how close they are Dimple is either going to possess his brother or his brother is going to start to grow away from him. His reacting to Mobs speech and his feelings to his powers just make him look like he’s not going to stand by and let his brother act like something he craves is worthless.

Plus I know all this Body Improvement stuff is to win the heart of a girl but all the “I want to be popular” stuff is sad because Mob IS popular. The Body Improvement guys care about him, the Psychic group care about him and now he has a cult of people who want to worship him like a god…. OK so maybe the last group is something he wants to avoid but the others?

Can’t wait to see how the battle goes down in the next episode though.

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