Cheer Danshi!! : What we Want to Break

Episode 4

Kowashitai Mono (壊したいもの)

Everyone become King of the Squirrels in the last episode, with Shou, fan girl of Rocky the Squirrel, on board now they just need to focus on actually coming up with routines.

In actual fact in this episode they go to train with the girls for a one off joint training session. We learn a lot about the woes behind the boys as well.

I think Kazu said it best when they were discussing their name.

Haru has a fear of heights and doesn’t trust his team to keep him safe when doing stunts, its something he’ll obviously overcome but at the moment its what is keeping him back. Up until this episode I just thought it was a problem with being the centre of attention, I didn’t even think about a fear of heights.

Wataru hides everything behind his stupid sayings but there is more to him that we’ll see hopefully as we progress.

Ton we already know wants to do this to change himself. He doesn’t do sports and he isn’t naturally talented at all the athletic stuff but he’s got the perfect heart for a cheerleader and I’m sure that he’ll break through his self doubt. If anyone can it’ll be Ton.

As for Shou there is a history there, he did used to be a cheerleader and avoided the joint training session like the plague. It’ll be interesting to see what happened, I’m guessing that he hurt himself doing a stunt, hence why he doesn’t want to do them anymore. The boys from the Spark team, the joint team they saw in Episode 1 gave them a warning that they need to have the heart to continue with it else just give up and seemed to know Shou so we’ll see where that leads.

Its a little sad that Gen and Ichiro don’t have anything to break through, even though they have personalities and I love them as characters they are becoming more and more onsided with the girlfriend jokes and all that. I love them as they act like a couple themselves with Gen giving Ichiro a whack every time he’s insensitive. Its just with the theme of breaking these barriers down it would be nice for those two to actually show us what their barriers are if they have any.

So they are now called the Breakers which is a great name. You’d have guessed that if you listened or looked at the opening and ending credits anyway though.

They do lack a coach at the moment, Shou isn’t bad but I do think they need something else to elevate them. The coach for the girls squad gave them a lot of criticism that Shou wasn’t giving them. Any problem with Shou being their coach is going to come down to him being their friend. Whilst a coach SHOULD be friendly they need to be tough too and when Shou has been tough with them he’s been rude and not critical. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how he moves on from there because it isn’t like he isn’t interested, he seems to have bonded with the group fast and want them to succeed. I just don’t think he has it in him to train them.

With them meeting on the roof of Haru’s family gym I can only guess its only going to be a matter of time before his sister finally figures out her little brother is a cheerleader now.


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