Cheer Danshi!! : Let’s Go, Breakers!!

Episode 5

We have enough people to enter the festival AND a name. Things are looking up for the boys in Breakers.

So their first performance and training for it is all covered in the episode. There are a few moments in the episode which I’m happy they kind of looked at and skipped over. The whole not believing in the team, getting Haru as a flyer sorted and also a injury to one member getting them down. Haru’s speech to motivate them was strangely motivating even if it made no sense and it was nice to get the team bonding moment out of the way.

I guess the problem with this compared to other sport animes I’ve watched is that there are still a whole bunch of people to join the group.

With the other sports anime you have one group and the injury stories or not believing in each other stories span the whole series, a bit like Prince of Stride which was one whole series about trying to figure out how to work as a team. With this you have this main group but very soon you’ll have another handful of people joining so it makes sense to do all that now and then just add on.

How this anime has done it so well is by making you love the characters so much that in episode 5 they can skip all those important themes in 5 minutes and it feels right and you felt like you cared. When Ichiro showed he had a sprain, or more like Gen forced him to admit he had a sprain, I felt terrible for him. Episode 5 of most series I’m still kinda meh to most characters but I felt heartbroken for them. When they were struggling on the roof I wanted to cry for them.

I was also completely wrong about Shou who is a perfect coach.

You’ve got a group of 7 that you now care about, whatever else happens you’ll want to see them 7 do well. You know them and have a great footing with them and can understand what they want. You can now add on people and even if you don’t feel that bond with the others at least you have it with those 7 and they managed to make those bonds in 5 episodes.

Also I need to take back my thought that Haru’s sister will be understanding of Haru if she finds out. I’m sure it was his sister that walked into their normal cafe and saw the poster and didn’t look happy, I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a bit of a bitch about it. Which is a shame because she was the one at the beginning of the series that noticed just how powerful his cheer is and its obvious how upset he’s been with judo so doing something that is going to not only make him happy but going to play to his strength is great for him and she should be supportive.

I’m a little upset that the first show was in the credits and there were a lot of close up of hands. I kinda wanted to see the majority of it. It was very well animated and I’m starting to wonder if Shou is going to change his mind about doing stunts. The others overcoming their fears and limitations seems to be pushing him to confront his own. There are a few people in the crowd that were highlighted and that we know are going to join because they are in the opening credits so it’ll be fun getting to know them.

I like how the performance wasn’t perfect but it was good enough that people respected them for it though once again Wataru and his comedy routine just had me in stitches. Him putting contact’s in on the day and struggling with them made me laugh, what a fool! Loved the coloured hair too though Gen looked weird. Also love their reactions when they find out that out of all of them Ton is the one with the girlfriend!

Great episode though. Can’t wait for episode 6!


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