Berserk : The Tower of Conviction

Episode 5

“Danzai no tō” (断罪の塔)

Guts is on his way to Albion, Casca is on her way to Albion, Farnese and her group are on their way to Albion.

Albion is obviously the place to be.

Isidro and Puck are probably my favourite double act in the world and they only had two small parts together in the episode. Isidro is saved by Guts after getting cornered by some Kushan scouts he then follows Guts and tries and steals his sword, just that doesn’t happen. He ends up face to face with the kind of crazy things that happens to Guts at the end of the episode when they are ambushed by corpses on wheels, victims of Mozgus.

It was another strong episode, I quite like it when Guts is being cheerful. He’s happy with his blade and he doesn’t seem to upset about being followed more worried for Isidro’s safety if he follows him. Puck is given a chance to shine and is the one out of the two of them that talks the most and obviously being two comic relief characters it is a contrast to everything else happening.

In Albion people are suffering.

Casca has been saved by a prostitute called Luca who encourages the other girls to split everything they earn between them so that none of them go without and none hold grudges over what the others have. Its a good way of doing things but also a bad way, after all if you are going to begrudge someone for having something you don’t then why wouldn’t someone begrudge having to give what they earn to those who don’t earn such nice things?

At least Casca is safe as she can be. At the end of the episode, or at least the end of her part, her and a girl called Nina are fetching water and suddenly corpses come alive. We cut off from them before seeing what happens but Nina was ill anyway and pondering whether she’d end up like Casca.

As for Farnese and co she gets a sudden eye opener on her own religion.

The Tower of Conviction is home to some of the worst tortures available. When some refugees steal food, including a lady with a baby that is dying, they are sent to be tortured. After feeding the starving child and giving hope that support will be given to the mother Mozgus sends the mother to be tortured. I couldn’t tell if Farnese was happy to see it or not. Again its amazing the things that people do in the name of their god. What god would be happy to see its people starving and people who are meant to be helping torturing them? If Farnese still thinks what she’s doing is helping she’s a bigger moron then I thought.

Saying all that the most impressive visual so far in the anime has to be the torture room. The horrible imagery in the camp lost a bit of its punch thanks to the animation style, one thing that always usually makes me sit up and my stomach clench is death wagons. Seeing loads of dead bodies just thrown away like that. The style didn’t lead it to have the same effect, the bodies looked crudely drawn on like a child stacking stick figures on top of one each other. There was no depth to the vileness of the camp, the empty skin of a heretic flapping in the wind was chilling but the rest? Not so much.

But that torture room was something and I have to say the torturers are something too. Its like Hellraisers Cenobites. They actually make me feel a bit sick just looking at them, they are the perfect visual representation of something as evil and horrible as a torturer.

Again the episode was much better and I’m finding it easier to ignore whatever I dislike about the animation and just enjoy the story. I want more Isidro and Puck though.

Plus I don’t think we saw any Serpico which is sad because he’s my favourite.

In one episode the whole feel of Guts has changed. Beforehand he felt like a man on a mission now he seems to just be wandering around freely. Its a strange difference, even though his mindset changed in his talk with Godo I didn’t expect everything around him to feel so care free now. Maybe its just me but it just makes the whole thing feel different.


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