Berserk : Epiphany

Episode 4

“Keiji” (啓示)

Guts continues his journey. After losing Farnese who knows where he’ll end up.

I liked the split in the episode, I know it wasn’t truly half and half but it felt it.

Guts returns to Godo the Blacksmith to see Casca just to find out that she disappeared. He gets a royal talking to from Godo as well about what he’s actually doing. For a man that is going on about fighting for the honour of irreplaceable people he held dear he’s ignored one that was still alive and needed him and now that he’s returned he can’t see her because she’s gone.

It helps to focus Guts on what he has to do even if he has no idea where he has to go.

I liked Godo and Rickert. It goes without saying I liked Erika, she’s only small and I loved the image of her punching Guts legs and calling him a idiot. With all the bloodshed in the story its always nice to be reminded that Guts is actually human and does have feelings. He ain’t some bloodthirsty monster. Having him calm down and take a moment to think things through was interesting. Its a very wordy anime in general but it was even worse in this one because there was no action so you really need to engage in what is happening. Its all very poetic and sad.

Godo comparing Guts to a sword with a fatal crack in it was beautiful really. The whole metaphor sent chills down my spine and that in general to be fair has been done well in the anime. It always gives you such a great story it just fails to give you the visuals to go with it.

Thankfully it seemed to be OK in this episode. The CGI-ness of it all doesn’t help but it wasn’t so in your face as it has been.

My favourite part was going back to the Holy Chain Knights though.

I always find that strange belief that as long as you say you are doing it for a god then the terrible shit you do is fine quite interesting. When someone says that then you know they have a sadistic and horrible character underneath. Usually there is much more to their story then simply taking orders which makes Bishop Mozgus so interesting a character. He’s terrifying, he has horrible powers over people because of religion and a hellish band of torturers. He can bend divine will to his own meaning because he’s the man in charge of gods words. For some reason its always religious groups that make up the scariest tortures too.

Not only that though, Guts is a interesting character for sure but even without really knowing much about Berserk I know of Guts and his story.

The strangeness of Farnese and her sadistic side as well as what Serpico actually believes in and so on just interests me a little more.

OK so I’m weird and just find creeps more interesting then other characters.

Though Casca has been found by someone and taken away and Guts, following his guts as it where, is heading in the right direction.

This was a much better episode, the animation didn’t get in the way of enjoying the story and there was a lot of story that I did enjoy in it. You really got a good insight into how Guts feels and what is going on so for people jumping into this anime that might never have seen anything before it you get a better feel for what is going on. Godo’s speech as well as seeing how Rickert has coped with what happened to them really sets you on their side and gives you a lot of empathy for Guts that you might not have had if you hadn’t seen what happened to him.

Not only that it makes you invested in Casca too.

Animation aside I think the anime has done a good job of gaining interest in the series from newcomers to Berserk. I’m no stranger to it but its not like I’ve invested in it as much as I probably will in catching up after this series has finished and I doubt I’m the only person who feels that way. If you got rid of the CGI animation then I think most of my complaints would go away but sometimes they are just so distracting from the story itself even though they shouldn’t be. Its hard to enjoy something when visually it just annoys you.

For me though it was a much better episode.


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