Mob Psycho 100 : An Invite to a Meeting ~ Simply Put, I Just Want to be Popular~

Episode 3


So Mob joined the Body Improvement club? All he wants is to be popular after all.

I’ve never taken drugs but I have a feeling that watching Mob Psycho 100 gives me a little taste of what its probably like.

The episode was crazy, made even more so by the animation style which is still one of the greatest things I’ve seen in my life. I love how it just switches around all the time and nothing ever looks the same. I love how ugly all the characters are too to the point where they are so really beautifully done. Its the strangest feeling I’ve ever sat through.

I’m happy that they didn’t undo Mob joining the Body Improvement Club but also that they didn’t make the club look like ass holes and had them share their room with the Psychic group because they only wanted somewhere to store their equipment. I also like that they are kind to Mob even though he’s obviously got no stamina to keep up with them.

We got to see Mob plodding along in life on his own as he kinda gets abducted by a cult which ends up being led by a evil spirit who is using mind control to make them all laugh.

I mean inside all this there was interesting concepts. The thought that a positive attitude will make things better, its true to a point keeping positive will at least make you feel better and that is half the battle won. There was also the fact  that they were just a group of people that were happy, regardless of what the leader wanted to do they weren’t doing anything wrong.

Importantly though I think the concept of Mob became extremely important. Even though obviously a lot of the anime is played for jokes, Mob himself suffers from something that a lot of people with depression and anxiety suffer from. They can’t outwardly express emotions so it all gets trapped inside of them till a time that one emotion explodes. I know I love bringing my life into things but something similar happened with my depression a week ago. I had a Mob counter counting down to when I exploded starting with a meal out with friends and ending with me exploding and declaring I never want to go to another wrestling show again. If only I had psychic powers I could have used them to destroy my sisters evil spirit instead.

It was just a concept that I could relate to even if the outcome isn’t something I could relate to really. Well the explosion of emotions I can but the explosion of psychic powers I can’t.

The count down was something I wondered about and I’m happy its just a emotional thing, it makes Mob a little more interesting but also makes it more funny. Whilst I love it because it hits home I also love it because like in this episode it makes me laugh. After exploding he goes to his trainer who tells him that he should think of it more like his unemotional being saved all these people and he was the only one that could, after hearing that he went back to  0%. He woke up next morning to find the spirit of Dimple following him about, or I’m guessing it was Dimple still, and he rose straight to 20%. Its something that could be used seriously, like it was against Dimple in the first place, or as a bit of a joke as he goes through lives many ups and downs, especially upy and downy for teenagers of course.

In the end though he didn’t really gain any more muscle, any more stamina or get closer to his goal of getting back the interested of the girl he loves….

He also still hasn’t “got a clue.”

Mob my friend. You never will get it. It eludes so many. I’d give up.


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